February 14, 2020

Golden, Crispy Bird Anatomy! (Best Chicken Wings)

Like the love for bacon, there is something so wonderful, delicious and special about fried, baked, grilled or smoked chicken anatomy that has been perfectly prepared for the masses to consume. Thanks to the brilliant minds at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, establishments all across this great country are serving their version of a chicken wing.

Unfortunately, not all chicken wings are prepared equally and there are plenty out there that just can't cut it. Since this is one of the greatest additions to the food pyramid, we set out to find the very best "Sota has to offer. While most places will be found throughout the Twin Cities, we do come across masterpieces outside the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

So, what makes an awesome chicken wing? Glad you asked the question friendly reader. And remember, I always order my wings extra crispy!
  • Preparation of wings - are they cooked or under cooked? 
  • How well the sauce/dry rub adheres to those tasty little wings.
  • Flavor quality and uniqueness - Better not just be Frank's Red Hot! 
  • Size matters! Or so they say.... 
We start off with Inver Grove Brewery and Lakeville Brewery (they're related). This place hits all of the requirements for the perfect chicken wings and I am never able to put them down once I start consuming them. Their House Dry Rub has the perfect blend of spices and heat, and a quick dip into some blue cheese or ranch compliments them perfectly. Sometimes, I think 10 wings just isn't enough and I should order another batch so my belly is happy for a longer period of time... 

Next up are the wings at Hickory Hut in the frog town neighborhood. It's not the safest of neighborhoods and probably one of the reasons why distance has been kept when people constantly recommend them, but we should have listened earlier. If scary parts of cities don't bother you or you're a firm believer in your 2A rights, these are a must try! Yet another place that hits all the requirements and their House Dry Rub is just ridiculous. 

Moving on to B52 Burgers and Brew (2 Locations). When they are on their game, the wings at B52's are one of my all-time favorite wings ever. The combination of spices and house made buffalo sauce is just insane together. And, during my most recent visit, they were spot on and the way they should always be served. It was like a match made in food heaven! 

Let's continue with the wings found at Sak's Sports Bar located in Vadnais Heights. A wing that should be consumed at all times. A buttery, crispy outside with some house made buffalo is the perfect starter to your meal or main dish if you're me. I would get them a little extra crispy, but man was their buffalo sauce and breading legit. 

Rounding out our top list are the Swedish Wings (pictured above) that can be found ONLY at Willards in Cambridge, MN. Besides an exceptional burger that happens to be on the top of our Burger List, they have a menu full of dishes that will catch the eye and appetite of anyone. Chef and Owner, Erick Harcey has quickly become one of my favorite chefs and his Swedish Wings are darn tasty.

While these may be our preferred places to consume some delicious bird anatomy, there are plenty of other places that are worth checking out should these be a little out of you way. We would recommend the following places as well;
  • Bennett's Chop and Railhouse in St. Paul has some pretty solid wings worth checking out.
  • Trailstop Tavern in Eagan has some delicious dry rub wings and a regular spot for us when craving wings and being close to home. 
  • Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in South Minneapolis is serving some fantastic smoked wings.
  • Nutmeg Brewhouse in Burnsville where you will enjoy ANY of their 4 creations. 
  • Tamarack Tap Room in Woodbury has a delicious tasting Chipotle Dry Rub. 
  • Shamrocks on West Seventh in St. Paul and their Mn Wild Wings. 
And, if these were places near you, I wouldn't necessarily say no to them;
  • Blue Door Pub
  • D-Spot
  • Doolittle's
  • Porter Creek Hardwood Grill
  • Jake's City Grill
  • Jersey's Bar and Grill

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