December 18, 2019

Famous For What? (House of Coates)

A great big sign that's all lit up so you see it clearly as you're driving down hwy 52 through Coates and Rosemount, Mn that reads; "World Famous Burgers". One might think with such a claim as this, I should probably stop and check it out. Let me make your plans a little easier for you... There is nothing famous about their burgers. They're not even in the same league as our top 10 burger list.

I was craving a burger and hadn't been to the House of Coates for well over 5 years and we had plenty of people tell us how amazing their burgers were. You have to check this place out! If mediocre burgers are your thing, then this is definitely a place for you to stop at. If you're looking for a flavorful and quality burger, then keep driving.  Also, if you like waiting over 40 minutes for your meal in a super small restaurant and watch tables who were sat after you get their food first as well, then this is definitely the place for you.

We ordered the Swanee Burger which apparently was added to a greatest burgers list for Minnesota, but I'm not sure who the judges were and if they had any culinary experience. Piled high with 2 slices of super thin bacon (may want to use different descriptive words here), American cheese and fried onions. Seriously, nothing exciting at all about this burger...
The other meal we decided to order was the Broasted Chicken. While the chicken was actually pretty decent, when broasted, it should never be Unfortunately, the chicken we received was just that, dry. Again, decent flavor, but needs some work.

Not a great experience at all and we have no reason to visit again anytime soon. If this is your favorite place, we're glad you find enjoyment in this establishment. But, it's just not "World Famous" and doesn't belong on a "greatest burgers" list.

House of Coates
16300 Clayton Ave E
Coates, Minnesota

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