February 1, 2019

A Worthy Dinner Pairing Indeed

When you combine exceptional culinary expertise with a brewer’s expertise, you will get something pretty amazing. Now, let those same geniuses use their creative minds to put together a five-course meal pairing for their guests, you will undoubtedly receive nothing, but the very best.

Well, that’s exactly what took place when Chef Frank with Woolley’s Kitchen & Bar sat down with the Indeed Brewing guru’s and creating one of the finest five-course dinner pairings my wife and I have ever experienced. To our followers, family and friends, it’s no surprise to them how much we thoroughly enjoy dining at Woolley’s. And, it’s also no surprise to anyone how much we both love beer. Combine both loves and we weren’t passing this up and super glad we didn’t!

Let’s jump right into it and break the menu down:
First Course: Dish – Crab Frisee Salad, Beverage – Lucy Session Sour, 4.2% ABV
A very simply dish with fresh crab, frisee, green asparagus sticks with pureed white asparagus, speck (the prosciutto family) and fresh slices of avocado. An excellent combination of fresh; salty, sweet, bitter, buttery ingredients with a well-balanced session to cleanse the palate. I would eat this every single day, minus the traditional asparagus. Not a fan, but certainly am of the white asparagus – completely different and enjoyable flavor.
Second Course: Dish – Scallops, Beverage – Brandy Barrel-Aged Mexican Honey Imperial Lager, 8% ABV
Expertly prepared scallops sitting on an insanely made puree with roasted corn, Mexican white corn, black berries and finished off with the most amazing Mexican inspired seasoned bacon. WOW! Bacon, that every person should be enjoying and something I will be working with in the future with regards to a burger creation. Stay tuned for that! The addition of this specific lager was a perfect match and a beer I could see in my fridge on a regular basis. It was a super easy drinker and excellent flavors.
Third Course: Dish – Duck & Butternut Squash, Beverage – Wooden Soul: Wood-Aged Saison, 7.5% ABV
Perfectly prepared duck breasts sitting in a butternut squash (bisque consistency), with wild mushrooms, cipollini onions and cherry. Great flavors working well together and the addition of the Wood-Aged Fruit Saison, with the subtle notes from aging in the wine barrels was spot on for this dish.
Fourth Course: Dish – Short Ribs and Dauphine Potatoes, Beverage – Day Tripper Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV
“Fall off the bone” short ribs with heirloom carrots, dauphine potatoes that should replace French fries on every menu, Humboldt fog and a rosemary jus. Humboldt fog is a super, rich and creamy goat cheese with similar notes to the likes of the best blue cheese you can find. I was enjoying bite after bite after bite and didn’t want this dish to be gone. With the explosion of flavors taking place, the simplicity of Indeed’s flagship pale ale was the perfect selection for this dish.
Fifth and Final Course: Dish РChocolate Pot De Cr̬me, Beverage РRum King Imperial Stout, 10.5% ABV
A dessert that all should have the opportunity of enjoying! This perfectly prepared chocolate cup of custard (it’s literal translation) with Himalayan sea salt and hazelnut was easily one of the most amazing desserts I’ve consumed and yet, it seems so simple. The perfect beer to pair with it? Of course, a heavy imperial stout! But not just any stout, a stout made with orange peel and cacao and sat in barrels for a lengthy period of time until the perfect stout for Indeed was born. Super bold with a quick upfront sweetness from the orange and finishing with the cacao and rum notes.

It was the perfect way to end such an amazing line-up of dishes and beverage pairings and great conversation with table guests sitting with us and having the opportunity to speak to both Chef Frank as well Tina, a brewer with Indeed. My wife and I are never disappointed when we get the opportunity to enjoy the culinary experience Chef Frank provides guests at Woolley’s. And, after speaking with the Chef, as well as management, there might just be a new burger creation that may make the menu and inspired by the evening’s ingredients and my own creative juices. We shall see! In the meantime, make sure to check out Woolley’s for dinner and Indeed for some delicious beverages.

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