December 13, 2018

I’ll Take One Of Everything!

I had the opportunity to spend some time at place that has been a staple for the community in which it resides. Currently under new ownership, the Cherokee Tavern is providing their guests with an exceptional culinary experience. We were invited out to check it out and be served a new concept that Owner and Executive Chef Brian has been working on and we think it’s a keeper.

A sampler platter with some of his best menu items included on the platter and while it’s not one of everything, it’s certainly an exceptional culinary sampling that advertises Brian’s exceptional craft. It’s a sampler platter that should be consumed slowly and enjoyed thoroughly. It’s a sampler platter that you simply will not find anywhere else and I’m absolutely honored to have had the opportunity to sample this feast. 

So, what was included in this masterpiece? Nothing, but joy! Seven different dishes on one plate and included the following; 

1. A Filet with demi shrooms. Perfectly prepared filet with delicious, buttery, demi shrooms. 
2. Lightly batter fried shrimp. Excellent flavor and well prepared – not greasy at all. 
3. Horseradish mash with lamb chops. Perfect flavor in the mash with perfectly prepared, mustard rubbed lamb chops. I decided to give them a hint of lemon and received a high-five by the chef himself. Finished off with thinly sliced potatoes with a basil leaf and orchid petal between the slices.
4. Fresh garlic and buttered linguine. As simple as this addition was, super delicious and the fresh garlic made it that much better – not overly powerful.
5. Lobster tail. Cooked. Perfectly! At this was no tiny little 8oz from the grocery store… 
6. Grilled asparagus. You’ll have to ask my wife if she liked them, I’m not a fan… Wait, they were gone, so they must have been delicious. 
Seriously, why would anyone want to get a “super sampler “ or “sampler combo” at some chain, when you can get this? This is what food is all about! This is what I am constantly searching for in my culinary journey. Finding the very best of what Minnesota has to offer and Brian, not only met that, he exceeded it. This is what I strive for when I am in my home kitchen preparing dishes for my family. Why? Because quality, freshly prepared, homemade dishes are important to me. 

Cherokee Tavern is a keeper! It’s absolutely a place that I would continue to visit and recommend to anyone looking for a quality culinary experience. There is something for everyone off the menu and in a wide range of prices points as well. No need to cross the high bridge into St. Paul! 

886 Smith Avenue South
West Saint Paul, MN 55118

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