May 22, 2018

Conjunction JUNCTION 70

While I’m hooking up words and phrases and clauses, people are flocking to Junction 70 over in Cottage Grove to check out how they function and now I’m going to have you singing this little ditty all day long! But in all seriousness, why is this place so popular? Is it because it’s one of VERY VERY few restaurants the city has? Or, is it because it actually has some delicious food to enjoy? Maybe it’s the large selection of brews on tap?

We had the chance to check this place out during their soft opening and really weren’t all that impressed so we let the place fully open, work out the kinks and then head back to check out the full menu. I think we have some more visiting to do (eventually), but round number two wasn’t all that spectacular either. Round number two had my wife ordering the cobb salad while I went with their “Philly” and we started the evening with some chips and queso and a couple of adult beverages.

I really don’t have anything to say about the chips and queso…. It was chips and queso…. It was something to hold us over until our meals came and it filled a void. Oh look, here comes our meals! My wife’s cobb was your typical, straight forward cobb - romaine, ranch dressing, ham, mixed cheese, double smoked bacon, tomatoes, smoked chicken and red onion with a side of her favorite dressing choices. She ate most of it, so I’m guessing she enjoyed it????

As for my “Philly” (yes I’m using quotes) - 12 hour pecan smoked prime rib, cheese sauce, mushrooms, onions, Anaheim peppers on a hoagie bun. I asked for no mushrooms because they’re just an additive like “this or that”, but my sandwich arrived with them on anyways. Ok, fine, I can just pick them off… Looked good, but it was just a glorified roast beef sandwich, not a Philly! It wasn’t terrible, but it was nothing even remotely close to a Philly! Beef was lacking that 12 hour pecan smoked flavor, actually pretty tame and there was very little cheese. But, I kept the leftover queso which helped a little bit. Win for me!
We can’t forget our little guy… He wanted the cheese pizza and he was definitely enjoying it. However, this foodie didn’t get a chance to try it so I can’t really tell you if you should order it for your little(s). I hear their wings are pretty stellar, so I’m sure I’ll be back to see if they’re worth adding to the wing challenge top 10 list or not. However, the Philly won’t be making it on my top 10 list though. I think I’ll have another beer and sing some more conjunction junction…

Junction 70 Grill
6933 Pine Arbor Dr. So.
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

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