October 7, 2017

Not My Kind Of Rainforest

Ecosystems that are so complex, they're like a place out of time. Rainforests all across the globe provide some of the most amazing sites most humans have not seen and will never see. Just the small tribes that live within these lush environments, those with a little extra money to venture into them and scientists from all over the world studying a whole new world.

Sounds like a magical place that should be added to my bucket list of places to visit some day, but I've got a rainforest that should go extinct and should never be on anyone's bucket list. The Rainforest Cafe is the place I'm referring to and the one at the Mall of America, should have just stayed closed when it closed its first floor location a couple of years back.

It was our little guys' birthday and he spent the day at the zoo with mommy. We figured, why not eat at a place that's like a zoo, he would love it. All kinds of things to look at and the food can't be that terrible. I mean, it was about our little guy having some fun...

Boy, were we wrong! After I ordered my $11 Summit Oktoberfest (I just about fell over when I saw the bill), our little guy went for a cheese pizza, my wife went with their chicken salad croissant sandwich and I decide to go with their "house favorite" BBQ bacon cheeseburger and I left out the BBQ.

As our food arrived at our table, it appeared to look pretty delicious. Looks are deceiving! My wife's chicken salad sandwich was bland and flavorless with dryer than dry chicken inside a croissant that was just as bad. She struggled through even half her sandwich and pushed her plate off to the side.

As for my burger, I've had A LOT of cheese burgers from all over the place and this one was definitely not something I would send my enemy to go check out. For starters, when you ask for your red meat to be prepared a certain way, a good chef can pull it off perfectly. Not here! They overcooked a burger that was asked to be prepared to medium and they simply threw a couple of slices of cheeses on it, just before the lettuce, onions and 'mato. It wasn't even melted! REALLY!

I would have rather ate my sons pizza (which was still blah), but I looked at my wife and said, "I need another beer to wash what I just ate down!" Something I wouldn't have said once I saw the bill. The mall really doesn't have the greatest options for solid cuisine experiences and often times way over priced as well. If you're curious where to get a solid burger - check out Burger Burger. The only place in the entire mall worth getting a burger at!


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