July 24, 2017

Menu of Confusion

I must have dreamed a thousand dreams about food over my years and been haunted by some of the things we’ve come across. Okay, maybe not haunted, but we’ve definitely seen the good, the bad and the ugly throughout our dining experiences. We’ve also come across some of the most “unique” menu’s that have been created for patrons to browse through and we’ve come across another with our most recent visit to a place that hasn't been open too long.

That new place that had me rockin’ out to Genesis is called Lock and Dam Eatery and yes, the menu is very unique. They have a really great location in the heart of historic downtown Hastings right on the river, with an outdoor patio to boost. The inside is very sleek, modern and just the right size for this small community. From our understanding and talking to some locals, it’s the same ownership as some of the previous tenants, but with some re-branding taking place.

That re-branding however, may not be the best? After sitting down and grabbing some cold beverages, my wife and started to look over the menu, a very unique menu. Hungry for a burger or wrap? Maybe you’re in the mood for some Mexican? How about some Italian? Well, the Lock and Dam offers all of that and not just a plate or two, but a full page of options for each area of interest. And, for our first visit, what do we try? Well, we decided to test the Mexican menu…

We started with some chips and salsa and placed our order. My wife went with the Super Burrito, I went for the Street Tacos and our little guy wanted the Chicken Tenders. As we thoroughly enjoyed the house made chips and salsa (which we would recommend if you decide to stop in), we enjoyed the half decent scenery out on the patio and waited for our meals to arrive.

As are meals arrived, my eyes got large when this enormous burrito shows up. They have a burrito challenge and I would hate to see how big it is compared to what arrived at our table!  Any who… The Super Burrito is a 14” tortilla filled with your choice of meat (beef, chicken or carnitas), rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes sour cream and topped with your choice of sauce and melted cheese. My wife went with the carnitas and I think she got through about a quarter of it… maybe. My Street Tacos were 4, mini corn tortillas, filled with either carnitas or carne asada, onions and cilantro.

Not quite sure what the meat is marinated in, but it wasn’t the best combination of flavors. It was a little sweet, something more in line with the start of a BBQ sandwich and was rather dry as well. I would have rather had an Americanized burrito from Chipotle and the tacos wouldn’t be added to my list of places to grab some authentic tacos – Mas Tequila, Por Favor! 

I’ve heard from locals that we should go back for the Italian and could pass on the burgers as well. I personally wouldn’t return for the Mexican and we have some favorite locations for Italian already and I’m going to guess the Lock and Dam Italian cuisine isn’t even close to our favorites. With that said, it looks as though we won’t be returning anytime soon. Definitely some room for improvement and hopefully some are made so this small community continues to have options to pick from.

Lock and Dam Eatery
101 2nd Street East
Hastings, Minnesota, MN 55033

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