July 11, 2017

Forever Young Joni

When you find the type of food that makes you want to dance in style and for a while, you start to think, heaven can wait. This next place that was a recommendation by our friend Angie makes me want to live forever and not die young. 

So what place could I be talking about that made me think of Alphaville (a group that would love this place by the way)? That unique, eclectic and amazing food serving place is called Young Joni which is located in the "Nordeast" neighborhood. One of the coolest places to enjoy a good meal at, Young Joni first confuses you with their goofy door handles. Not only did it take me a few times to figure the door out, but while we enjoyed our food, we watched several others try to figure out how to enter. Very funny Young Joni, very funny...

But, hey, once you're in, all you can do is enjoy! And enjoy we did! Lots of great menu options, mostly wood fire pizza, but even their apps and other delights looked amazing and definitely worth trying (when we go back again). But, we were there for the pizza and our friends Hayward and Ceallaigh came with us to check it out for the first time as well. 

We all ordered our own 12" wood fired pizza and they went as follows; my wife and Ceallaigh went for the Old Reliable with some of their own additions added while Hayward and I went for the YOLO. The Old Reliable starts with house red sauce, mozzarella, pecorino and as mentioned, the ladies added a couple of their own ingredients (lots of extras to choose from). 

As for that thing called the YOLO, well it was basically the best pizza I've had and the entire pizza was gone very quickly. This bad boy is basically their version of a meat lovers - house red sauce, mozzarella, fennel sausage, Nueske’s bacon, natural casing pepperoni AND cooked to perfection. Seriously, this thing was amazing. 
I've been to several other wood fired pizza spots throughout the state and Young Joni tops the competition hands down! I mean, I really loved the pizza from Boomer's in Baxter, Minnesota and was my favorite, but I can't get to Baxter as easily as I can Nordeast. So, hats off to Young Joni for making such a superior zza' and please, please don't change a thing on the YOLO and you'll have a customer for life. 

Young Joni
165 13th Ave. NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55413 

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