March 15, 2017

Playing Ketchup!

It's been a couple of months since your favorite foodie has posted anything and I've been a few new places as well as some spots during some business travels of mine. I typically don't share my experiences out of state on the Food Gnawledge blog, but figured, why not! Maybe some of my readers will be spending some time in Portland, Oregon in their lifetime and will need a place to consider!

We'll start with a place here in Minnesota, Stein Haus in Vermillion where they have a Friday Fish Fry that I was to check out to see if it would make my top ten list - Time For Me To Fish Fry! You can find my review of this place over on my Yelp page, but lets just say.... No top ten list, not even close!

The others happen to be during my travels out to Portland, Oregon and a place I wish I could live because of all the amazing breweries and food this place has to offer (besides one of these places)...

The first and the place you can consider overlooking is the Sideline Restaurant and Sports Bar. Check out my review on my Yelp page.

The next is a place during a recent visit called 10 Barrel Brewing Co. and this is a place you don't want to overlook at all. Especially if you're a beer connoisseur like myself! Check out my full (5 star review) over on my Yelp page.

Another place to consider stopping by during a visit is Alameda Brewing Co. Awesome beer and an awesome Mac n' Cheese! Seriously! Awesome! No Really! Check out my full review over on my Yelp page.

And finally, for some recommendations (plenty of others you should look at, but I would be writing all night) that you may want to consider is if you have time while waiting for your flight. That place is the Rogue Ales Public House where you can enjoy some delicious brews and awesome wings! Read more about my thoughts by checking out my Yelp page.

I enjoy my readers' support! Let me know where else I should be going to check out so I can share my fun and honest thoughts. Keep enjoying what the world has to offer us and #knowbeforeyougo.

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