March 30, 2017

One Bourbon, One Butcher, One Beer

I want to tell you a little story about this place with a plentiful amount of bourbon and whiskey (well over a hundred), butchered meats and enough beers on tap to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. It’s the type of place that even George Thorogood could consider stopping by if he saw the back wall of the bar just once after telling his landlady he lost his job and singing about his hard times…

This outstanding restaurant I speak of is bringing people by the truck loads to the little town of Farmington, Mn. It has quickly become a popular place for all walks of life, often a bit of a wait during dinner time (especially on weekends) and serving some of the best tasting smoked meats and delicious cuisine the town has ever experienced. That restaurant happens to be the Bourbon Butcher Kitchen + Bar! The same master mind behind Burgers and Bottles in Eagan has created yet another insanely awesome dining and drinking experience.

We’ve been wanting to check this place out since first hearing from the owner that it was even going to be built. However, with a two year old and the longer waits from its popularity, we kept missing out. Finally, we had the opportunity and made arrangements with some friends of ours, Dave and Jennifer. All of us were excited to check this place out and this place did not disappoint one bit.

With so many awesome options to choose from, our server having to stop back a half dozen times to see if we were ready yet, we finally made our selections. The wives decided to split the Wisconsin Cheese Curd Burger and Sliced Brisket Smokehouse Sandwich. Our little man loves mac n’ cheese. Dave went for the Bacon Brisket Burger, while I went for the Butcher’s Plate. Might as well try a variety! And of course…. I tried EVERYTHING!

We’ll start with the curd burger… “You don’t have to be a cheesehead to enjoy this burger!” Yep, that’s what you’ll read first followed by; we put battered white cheddar cheese curds and thick cut house smoked bacon between two grilled patties. Topped with chipotle ranch sauce. No surprise from their experience in burger making – this was insane! Don’t be scared by the two grilled patties, I’ve described their burgers as open faced juicy’s. And better than anything most juicy creating places could ever make.
On to the Sliced Brisket Smokehouse. Slow roasted prime beef brisket rubbed just the right way, smoked and topped with fried onions and served with a side of BBQ and house slaw. Again, another awesome creation that is full of flavor and yumminess. They definitely piled on the brisket with this sandwich, so if you’re a light eater, you’ll have leftovers. Jennifer did mention though, “The slaw isn’t much to brag about…”
We’re moving onto Dave’s Bacon Brisket Burger. Cheddar cheese between one Angus steak burger and a pile of thick sliced smoked beef brisket. Topped with fried onions, house made BBQ sauce and house smoked bacon. This was the first bite I took to sample, even before my own meal and I already wanted to change my mind. I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes at all, but their crinkled cut sweet potato fries were awesome! Just another masterpiece of a burger and it just might cause you to have a flavor-gasm.
Is your mouth watering yet? Thinking you’ll be stopping by yourself? We’re not even done yet! We still have to discuss the mac n’ cheese and Butcher’s Plate, so stick with me… Our little guy sure does love his mac n’ cheese. While most places are giving you a bowl of Kraft (I could of just made it at home), the Bourbon Butcher is providing your little a housemade creation. And the spoon full I had was delish!

Finally, my meal, the Butcher’s Plate. A “sampler of everything the butcher has to offer.” Chopped brisket, smoked chicken thigh, 1/3 rack of ribs and a house made sausage. Served with a corn bread muffin and 2 sides of your choice. My sides included their garlic mashed taters and a side salad with one of the most amazing vinaigrettes I’ve ever had. The sausage, filled with a little cheese action was awesome and make sure you use the mustard they provide. I pulled the bones right off the ribs and they were perfection – blowing away a lot of the BBQ joints around town. The brisket was very tender, just a tad over cooked for my liking, but still absolutely yummy. The chicken fell off the bone as well and again, moist and full of flavor. There was nothing left on my plate!
Dave and Jennifer finished off the night with some dessert – Carrot Cake for Jennifer and Deconstructed S’more for Dave. The bite of Carrot Cake I got from Jennifer had me wanting more and Dave decided to devour his dessert before we could sample, but I’m guessing it was awesome. We sat and waited for some live music that started at 7 pm, let our belly’s rest a little and I was simply thinking about when the next time we would be back. Back to try some more of the delicious items on the menu. The Jambalaya! The Pulled Pork! The Crab Mac N’ Cheese! The Sunnies and Chips! The Sausage Board! The Burgers! The Wings! The Duck Wantons! So much to look forward too!

If you’re a food lover like me, this is a place to check out. If you’re a bourbon and whiskey lover, this is definitely a place to check out. And if you just need to escape the landlady, boss or anything else bringing you down, then get to the Bourbon Butcher, sit back and enjoy. But, enjoy responsibly!

Bourbon Butcher Kitchen + Bar
20700 Chippendale Ave.
Farmington, MN 55024

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