August 15, 2016

The Food You CRAVE?

Stop! Nanana! You'd better CRAVE it! Stop, stop, stop, you'd better CRAVE it! Ok, so, I wouldn't say you better crave our next spot, but I was actually, for once, impressed with my most recent visit to CRAVE - Mall of America location. I think the Jackson 5 would have been impressed as well.

My reasoning for my unexpected feeling of being impressed stems from a restaurant group that has had so many ups and downs. The last time I ate at CRAVE or similar atmosphere restaurant, Union Rooftop was several years ago because of how poor it was. However, my mother was able to talk me into checking it out (it's one of her go to establishments) and was indeed, impressed.

One of my reasons for my non-pleasurable experiences is, I for some sushi and couldn't stop laughing at how poorly they prepared their sushi. Could it be different now? Certainly, but I'm still hesitant! However, their new (limited time) Poke Bowls could get someone to come back to try. And that's where we'll start things off.

My mom loves these things and the reason for our visit. She couldn't stop bragging about these things. She ordered, as she says she typically would, the Tropical Poke Bowl. Prepared with Ahi tuna, mango & avocado in ginger honey soy over spring greens & sushi rice, topped with seaweed salad & pickled veggies. My mom then surprised me by asking for a side of Sriracha sauce and mixed a little in her ginger honey soy sauce before adding it to her dish. I took one bite and wanted to order it myself. It was awesome and I seriously want one as I write this.

My decided to go for the CRAVE burger which is prepared with certified angus beef, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and their signature burger sauce. He went ahead and added some bacon (never a bad decision) and before you know it, it was gone. He's not as picky as I am, but certainly loves great tasting food like me and he said it was good.

I decided to go with their Bison Burger and this was one of the best bison burgers I've ever had. Prepared with caramelized onion, mushroom conserva, smoked cheddar, house burger sauce, fried onions, fried egg on an everything bun. I decided to keep the shrooms off and man was this thing tasty! Plenty of flavor, very lean and mouth watering. You definitely have to try one of these bad boys.

We can't forget about my little guy. He thoroughly enjoys noodles and anything with cheese on it. So, we got him some mac n' cheese with carrots. Like his papa, he devoured his bowl of mac and the carrots were gone. I had a chance to of course try it like a good parent would and it was some pretty darn good mac n' cheese.

Hopefully CRAVE can continue to maintain what I just experienced instead of the inconsistencies I was used to receiving. I do want to go back for a Poke Bowl before they go away and maybe, just maybe, I'll try another sushi roll.

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