June 5, 2016

When A Man Loves His Animals

When a Maaaaaaaaaaan loves his animals, he can't keep his mind on nothing else, but if it's bad, he can easily see it and taste it! I love to eat tasty animals and I really like to try the ones considered to be exotic or abnormal - you know, the ones you won't find in a grocery store. It's also the type of animals Percy Sledge maybe wasn't consuming either?

Found a place that has started opening locations throughout the Twin Cities called New Bohemia Wurst+Bierhaus and the concept is very intriguing. You walk in and pre-order like you were visiting a Chipotle, but around the corner is more of a sports bar feel. No, pop machines, no liquor and mixed drinks, just ice cold craft beer from all over and wurst. Lots of wurst!

What caught my eye was the type of wurst being served, the type a lot of people would run from.
While this place has exactly what I am looking for in unique food to try, it has a long ways to go in actually serving delicious tasting wurst. So, just how exotic is this place? Here we go!

My wife and I had a night out with some of our neighbors who, like us, enjoy trying new foods. After reviewing the menu and seeing what this place had to offer, our wurst order looked something like this;

  • New Bohemia Bockwurst (Combination of White Veal & Pork)
  • Mac n' Cheese Stuffed Wurst
  • Chicken & Apple Wurst
  • The Jackalope (Combination of Antelope and Rabbit)
  • Smoked Duck and Cilantro Wurst
  • Basket of hand cut fries w/ jalapeno mayo, pepperjack cheese sauce, fresh herb ranch
  • Cold Brews

While this list of crazy combinations sounds amazing to me, the New Bohemia failed to deliver quality, delicious tasting wurst. Lets break each one of these dishes down a little further and give you, the reader, better options.

The Bockwurst was boring, bland and flavorless. The Mac n' Cheese was consumed by my neighbor and she said it was flavorless and had zero cheese in it - ZERO! The Chicken & Apple had absolutely no apple flavor. The Jackalope was boring, bland and a little tough. The Smoked Duck was consumed by neighbor, but he didn't seem pleased at all. The best part of our meal - the hand cut fries and dipping sauces.

Now, there are toppings that you can add to your wursts, 8 to be exact and even these couldn't help with how boring and flavorless these wurst options were. And, it's pretty sad that your hand cut fries are better than your staple menu item.

So, where can you go for something better? If you want an awesome veal sausage, check out the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater for all your German inspired food needs. If you want an awesome animal combination sausage (any animal), check out Specialty Meats in Hudson. I guarantee their Rattle Snake & Rabbit sausage will put the New Bohemia's to shame. If you want an awesome Chicken & Apple sausage, check out Aamodt's Apple Orchard or Afton Apple Farm. Both of these places serve the very best Chicken and Apple sausage in the Twin Cities. And finally, if you want an awesome Mac N' Cheese sausage, grab a smoked Johnsinville, make some mac n' cheese, put a couple of spoon fulls right on top and enjoy!

I think this place has some potential to be awesome, but they have a long ways to go before that happens. It's a cool concept, lots of great bier options, a giant pretzel that is probably awesome, but the wurst needs help! Feel free to check this place out if you're the adventurous type and if you have a woman that is, hold on to her and never want another girl.

New Bohemia Wurst+BierHaus
Multiple Twin Cities Locations

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