April 25, 2016

I Don't Love This Pasta Bar

There are a lot of great places in the Twin Cities to stuff yourself with pasta. We got winners, we got losers. You might even see a cowboy, trucker, broken-hearted fools and suckers at one of these places as well. Unfortunately for my wife and I, and on our 4 year anniversary, we found a place that we didn't love. Toby might love it though since his own restaurants seem to be failing anyways.

My wife planned the whole evening for us to celebrate and even surprised me with an awesome gift - tickets to see one of my favorite comedians, Chris D'elia who was performing at the Varsity Theater. But, before we could go enjoy that, we had to have some dinner and we checked out it's neighbor, The Loring Pasta Bar. Plenty of hype for this place, so it was definitely time to check it out.

You walk into a place that has some really cool decor and simply a cool space to enjoy dinner in. We ordered some adult beverages, heard the special for the evening and ordered an appetizer. We just didn't think the app was going to be the best part of our meal though... The app that we enjoyed was an order of their Wings of Desire. Simple, but delicious - boneless chicken wings, Ethiopian-spiced bbq sauce, bleu cheese crumbles and some ranch. An very good starter!

On to those main plates of ours. We're at a pasta bar, so of course we need to check out the pasta dishes and one should be their take on a classic dish - spaghetti. So, we went with sgeds' and decided to order something from the pasta section and recommendation from our server, Beef Short Rib Risotto. I wanted this meal to be one of the most amazing meals my wife and I ever had, especially on our anniversary. But, it was short of that (no pun intended) and we both left pretty disappointed.

The Sgeds' came out and the meatball was huge, but in a small bowl and looking like it belonged on the children's menu. The meatball and the sauce were lacking flavor and very bland. I've made better at home and my high school sgeds' is even better (SSP Alumni know what I'm talking about). There really isn't much else to tell you about this dish...
As for the Short Rib Risotto, it was actually pretty good. The meat was very moist and had really good flavor while the risotto was cheesy and gone quickly. But lets face it, risotto may be made like pasts, but in reality, it's just large rice! I certainly wouldn't pout it under the pasta portion of the menu. Instead, I would place it under the mains.
You won't find any thirsty hitchhikers, hustlers and fighters (well maybe fighters, college students get drunk), but I don't think you're going to love this pasta bar. I think we'll be sticking to our favorite spots - I Nonni and Giuseppe's. These places are simply insane! But, if you want to give this place a try, you certainly can, it's certainly not the worst food, we've just experienced much better.

Loring Pasta Bar
Dinkytown, Minneapolis

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