February 26, 2016

How To Get To 7th Street Social?

On a very sunny day with no clouds to be found and I was on my way to find a place where the air was sweet. An by sweet, I mean some delicious food to consume! I'm not sure if this next establishment would allow a giant yellow bird, cookie monster or green creature living in a garbage can to dine, but we were more than welcome to enjoy a nice family dinner.

First off, I can tell you exactly how to get to this great new establishment, 7th Street Social. It's just off highway 35E and West 7th Street in St. Paul and it was on my radar for Friday Fish Fry after seeing some of the pictures they were posting on their social media page. We're always trying to find new places to add to the Friday Fish Fry list, Time For Me To Fish Fry, places we have visited for fish during lent.

I honestly didn't know what to expect prior to visiting 7th Street, but I always try to keep an open mind. Prior to ordering our fish, my brother in-law decided to order some donuts, I mean onion rings and man am I glad he did. Seriously, they came out looking like donuts, but they were giant onions rings and easily some of my all-time faves. I'm not a huge onion ring fan, but these were awesome!
We of course had some adult beverages and everything on tap is provided by a local brewery which is pretty cool. I went for the Bauhaus Uber Duber which was a twist of some fruitiness with a light pale ale finish and was tasty. My sweetie went for a wheat beer from Tin Whiskers and again, a delicious and tangy wheat brew, while my in-laws went for something a little more laid back, Corona and a Grain Belt. I'll stick with the craft! :)

To the fish... For 8 bucks, you get 3 large fillets, hand cut fries and some homemade tartar sauce. Just how good is it? It took down my champion on my Friday Fish Fry list after several years of being at the top! That's how good it was! Their batter was absolutely insane and made with something I wasn't expecting... Vodka. Yes, Vodka! That was just one of the ingredients... It was also prepared with local icon brew, Summit and together, this is a fish fry you don't want to pass up. As for the homemade tartar, damn! Nuff'. Said.
I wasn't expecting to be blown away like I was and I'm certainly not disappointed that I was either. As we ate our meals, we kept drooling over all of the burgers we were witnessing leave the kitchen and looking forward to a returning visit to try some additional dishes. So come and eat, because everything is A-OK at the 7th Street Social.

7th Street Social
2176 7th St W.
Saint Paul, MN 55116

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