January 28, 2016

Heaven Isn't Too Far Away!

No matter what your friends might say, one of the newest editions to the food scene located in Lakeville is serving up some outstanding food. Their motto is even, "Food That Rocks" and it indeed does! Now you just need to find your way and while you're at it, throw on a little Warrant on your way to get you in the mood for this hair band themed establishment.

So who has the "Food That Rocks"? It's the brick and mortar version of one of the better known food trucks, Heavy Metal Grill. That's right, another food truck found their way into the brick and mortar scene and this one is an excellent edition. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous to check this place out and was certain it wasn't going to be worth eating. To my surprise, I'm definitely going to be one of their - biggest faaaaans!

Known for having some of the best Philly's, it was a must try for this guy and his wife to see if they were worth adding to the Philly challenge.They just became the the king of the world with their "Almost Famous" original Philly. The meat was cooked perfectly, moist and full of outstanding flavor, the bread was nice and soft - not hard and stale, it had just the right amount of peppers and onions and the perfect amount of cheese. Just one thing that we changed for the better... We removed the cheese-wiz. "Almost Famous"? No, no, no - famous! How did it fair against the competition? Check out - On The Streets Of Philasota! to see for yourself.

That was what my wife ordered and boy am I glad she did. I decided to test out their burgers and as soon as I saw a juicy on the menu - I knew what I was checking out. Known as the Iron Maiden, this thing was cooked perfectly. They stuffed it with so much cheese, it seemed as if it would never stop oozing from this perfectly prepared juicy. It had some great flavor and the only things I changed was asked for an extra slice of American on top. The only thing I would change to make this even better than it already is; butter and grill the bin and add just a little more seasoning. How good is it? The "originals" have nothing on this place! That's right, 5-8, Nook, Matt's (which is disgusting) and others could learn from this place! Check out the Juicy Lucy Challenge to see how they ranked!

I really do love the way they cook, it brings a sparkle to my eye and I just want to wrap my hands around this tasty food and enjoy what I'm about to eat. I'm really looking forward to heading back to get another Philly and try some wings as well. You never know where they'll end up, but I have a feeling they may fair very well if the they prepare them as well as their Philly's and burgers. So crank up some Crue, Poison and of course Warrant and head to the Heavy Metal Grill for some downright delicious food. Hit this place up on a Thursday and enjoy some $3 Captain diets in a pint glass, not a pansy low ball like other places...

Heavy Metal Grill
20851 Holyoke Ave So.
Lakeville MN 55044

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