March 25, 2015

LeDoux's Ranch?

Decided to spend a little time shopping at the Mall of America with the family, our little guy was on spring break from his child care provider for the week. We parked the car at "the old bean patch" and started our day of shopping for the little guy. As dinner time neared, it was time to figure out what mommy and daddy were going to have for din din.

My Gnaw followers know us to not be fans of anything chain related, but unfortunately, that's all that can be found at the MOA. We contemplated eating at; Crave, Hard Rock Cafe, Cadillac Ranch and Buffalo Wild Wings. Crave is more disappointing than it is delicious, we've both have never had good luck at Hard Rock so it was down to two. We should have went with Buffalo Wild Wings, because you're going to need a case of daddy's 90 proof to enjoy the food at Cadillac Ranch. 

Off to the Ranch we go and thinking of what we would consider ordering. We arrived, were sat quickly and ordered some drinks. My wife was honing in on a burger while my attention was focused on their Philly. Remember that case of 90 proof? This is where you'll want to start sipping from the bottle...

My wife's burger, the BBQ Burger actually looked very good as it arrived to the table and I definitely wanted to take a bite. My wife cut it in half and the disappointment started. The only way to enjoy read meat is for it to be pink, well done red meat is just terrible and the dryness makes it inedible. The burger itself had absolutely no flavor and I'm still trying to figure out why cooks/chefs haven't figured it out yet, salt and pepper goes a long way! 

My Philly on the other hand was a complete disappointment without even touching it. The bun was falling apart, it looked as if the cook started his very first day as a cook and the meat, again, looked dry as a dessert with absolutely no flavor. As I took my first bite, I told my wife, "We should have went to Buffalo Wild Wings!" At least there, they have an awesome Jammin' Jalapeno sauce that I love! After my wife took her first bite, she put it down and washed it down with her drink quickly! See how this did against the competition by visiting > On The Streets Of Philasota! 

There may be a bar in this "barn", but I doubt the place stays as packed as Chris LeDoux's Cadillac Ranch even if there is genuine 59' Coupe Deville above the entrance. Yeah, I'm not sure it's actually a 59 or if it's even a Coupe Deville, but I might be close! 

3rd Floor Near Macy's

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