March 16, 2015

Can You Dig It?

I had some free time on my hands between playing a little "puck" (that's hockey) and attending a very important meeting and needed a little lunch. I was made aware of a new place in town that is apparently serving up delicious burgers and pizza's and a burger and ice cold brew sounded perfect for the spring like weather we had on this particular day.

Digby's, located on the south side of Rosedale Mall just so happens to be the newest restaurant for me to visit and I sure am glad I did. A burger really did sound like a logical choice with such the great weather we were experiencing, so why not try a new guy in town. Like Digby's even says, "It's natures perfect food!" and I would have to agree. They serve them pink or no pink and the only way to eat red meat is for it to be mooing a little bit. I added some pepper jack cheese to my natures perfect food and waited for it to arrive. 

While I waited for my burger, the bartender said a magical word when I asked her about their wings, Whisky. Well..... I can't say no to an order of wings that are made with Whiskey, plus it was happy hours (yes, happy hours) so I ordered them and as I normally would, extra crispy. My wings arrived first and after one bite, I was in chicken wing heaven. These things were perfect and their Whiskey Glaze had the perfect sweet, tangy and full of flavor. These are a must get when you stop by yourself and you can see how their ranking in the wing challenge by visiting > Flying Buffalo?.

My burger arrived and I noticed little chunks of meat falling off with melted cheese trying its best to hold on to it for dear life. My mouth started to water knowing that this thing was going to be juicy. I told the soon to be G.M., Charley that it reminded me of a burger found at a place like Smash Burger or 5 Guys, but with one BIG difference, Digby's burger is full of tremendous flavor while the others are bland. Cooked exactly as described, perfectly pink and every single bite was as good as the previous. Lots of great pepper jack cheese to enjoy and I could have ate another. 

I washed all of my outstanding food down an ice cold brew and spent some time with the G.M. talking about how delicious the food was and that he has nothing to change. Keep it as it is and you'll be successful! I suppose there is one thing that I would change... Make their S&P shakers a moving gadget, especially if it's going to be two porkers in a particular position! I laughed out loud a little bit when the bar tender set them down next to me....

So, can you dig it? Is Digby's going to be one of your next spots to try when you're looking for a great burger or some wings to enjoy? Maybe it will be one of their pizzas, something I would like to try when I return with my wife and child. Whatever your appetite might be, Digby's will have something for you that is worth eating and enjoying.

Rosedale Mall - Roseville

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