August 16, 2014

End Of The Road? Not So Fast!

It was about two years ago when my wife and I decided to stop into a new Mexican restaurant that had just opened up in Rosemount called Las Tortillas Mexican Restaurant. Everything they made was far too Americanized and they even served french fries with their meals. Maybe the owners were listening to Boys II Men when they opened the doors for the first time, because I had no time for them to be playing with my heart AND mind. 

Our first experience really was not a good one and decided to never step foot in the restaurant again. We could find better authentic Mexican food that we're always looking for elsewhere. After 2 years of saying no, we decided it was time to give them another try. What changed? It helps when your parents tell you,"We just had an amazing catered dinner from there and you might want to give it another try!" So, with a slight hesitation, we entered Las Tortillas for just the second time in a very long time. 

We sat down, received chips and salsa like every Mexican place offers and after the first bite, I wanted to drink the salsa, it was that good! So far so good, right? My wife and I both decided to order the Trio Taco Combo and between the two of us, we had; 2 beef tacos, 1 beef pastor, 1 pork, 1 chicken and 1 chorizo. As soon as we saw those tacos, we were already smiling knowing they looked completely different. We both went right for the pork and I am happy to say, they rock! Pushed those to the side (gotta' save the best for last) and started in on the chicken. Again, outstanding! Next was the chorizo and again, they were yummy. Started on the beef pastor and still had a smile on my face. Finally, like most places, plain beef is plain beef, often a little dry, but at last here they were edible with some fixings. 

Although we though we were going to come to the end of the road and we were ready to let go, I'm glad we decided to give them another shot. Now, I don't have to head north into St. Paul for my taco fix, I have a place right down the road. I just have one thing to say - don't order the fixings if you want an authentic meal and please Las Tortillas, don't change a thing. You've got us hooked with what you're serving your patrons now and we'll be back for more, especially that outstanding salsa!

Maybe I'll forgive me Las Tortillas, hmm - Maybe you'll try - We should be happy together, Forever, you and I! :)

15051 Crestone Ave. 
Rosemount, MN 55068 

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