July 16, 2014

So Good, Coney Coney

I said eat, eat, eat, eat, eat (Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat), 'Cause you make me feel, like eating Coney's, they're so good, eating Coney's. What place can make me feel like eating Coney's? A tiny little hole-in-the-wall called the Gopher Bar in downtown St. Paul and a place not for the faint of heart. 

You will need some thick skin to enter the Gopher Bar and if you're easily offended, the Gopher Bar should be on your skip list. For instance, their shirt has a saying on the back that I will refrain from posting here and the menu provides you with instructions on how to order your Coney; Sit Down! Shut Up & Wait Your Turn!. Well, that's exactly what my wife and I did as we were laughing at all the funny signs they have hanging up that yes, would offend some people. 

It's definitely a place you would find Billy Idol in and if you can get past their unique (to say the least) marketing, they are serving an outstanding Coney Island hot dog that you should try yourself. Two ways to order them up, with cheese and without - pretty simple and straight forward. I went with cheese while my wife went without and they pile on the chili and onions and pile on they indeed do! I love hot sauce and noticed a bottle of delicious Sriracha just looking at me and telling me to put it on my Coney, so I obliged. I used to eat Coney's growing up doing youth hockey fundraisers and they were never this good!  The chili was awesome, as you bite into the dogs, they had a nice snap to them (as they should) and the buns were grilled nicely as well. 

All-in-all, these things were awesome and I would recommend adding a little Sriracha to it, it makes everything that much better. The Gopher Bar is a simple place, they only accept cash and they don't take crap from anyone and they're not afraid to let you have it if you're acting out of line. They have some other items on the menu, 11 to be exact, but the Coney is what you should be going here for any ways. While you're there, you might as well stay and have a few adult beverages as well. Just be nice to your bartender, even toilets can only handle one _____ at a time! Yes, that's actually a sign behind the bar!

Gopher Bar
241 7th St E
St Paul, MN 55101

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