June 21, 2014

It's A Long Way To The Top!

The boys of AC/DC truly said it best, it is indeed a long way to the top and this next place we stopped by doesn't stand a chance against the competition. I was hoping for an authentic Mexican place to open up, but unfortunately, got the complete opposite. And by complete opposite, I mean Taco Bell is a better option and I cannot stand that place. 

The newest place to open and joining the Mexican Restaurant forces is TC Taco located in Inver Grove Heights. Just a small little spot on the end of a strip mall, TC Taco is, according to their website, "South of the boarder flavor, with a Minnesota twist." Not sure where the south of the boarder flavor was and the Minnesota twist must be the????????? I can understand that, not even being open for a full weekend can be a struggle, but I have to assume that they've been doing some testing in the kitchen to figure out what they want to actually serve and place on the menu. So, if that is indeed the case, they didn't do enough testing! 

We ordered 2 beef tacos, one with a hard shell and the other with a corn tortilla, as well as a chicken taco on a corn tortilla and a steak taco in a flour tortilla. The beef had absolutely zero flavor, the steak was something like a flavorless No Name Steak (I love No Name Steak, just not in Mexican food) and the chicken was just chicken. Every taco comes with your choice of meat, onions, lettuce, cheese and green and red bell peppers cut the long way. Together, it just doesn't work! I would get rid of the steak and replace it with a pork option (hopefully the chef can cook it correctly), I would learn how to make delicious tasting beef and take out the peppers, lettuce and cheese and replace with cilantro. 

As for the prices, well, if it was worth eating the prices wouldn't be bad. However, paying $3.99 for 1 steak taco that isn't even good doesn't make sense and it feels like you're getting' ripped off. I can go to one of my favorite places, La Palma Supermercado and spend $4.99 for 3 insanely delicious pork (or another meat option of your choice) tacos that are prepared perfectly. 

So, where should you go to find outstanding Mexican food? Check out my review, Mas Tequila, Por Favor! (Head over to my blog) which will provide you with some amazing places to get some of the very best AUTHENTIC Mexican food around the Twin Cities. I just don't understand why people continue to Americanize foods from around the world, it doesn't make sense to me at all. The likely hood that TC Taco will serve better quality food in 6 months, a year or even longer is probably slim. I will stick to my hot spots which also includes making my own tacos at home which is a far better option.

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