February 17, 2014

Burger State of Mind

Yeah I'm out that Brooklyn, now I'm down in Edina, Right next to Drew Ave., and I'll be a foodie forever... That's right, I'm in a burger state of mind (which is nothing like an Empire State of mind) thanks to a downright outstanding burger called the Manhattan 2.0 and found at one of my favorite places, Red Cow.

Jay-Z has no clue what Red Cow is or even where Edina is located and most likely, neither does the world famous butcher Pat Lafrieda. That's find and dandy, because I know where it is and so do plenty of others based on how packed this place is every time my wife and I pay them a visit. So, what's this whole Manhattan 2.0 all about? Well, here ya go! Starts with 7oz.'s of angus by New York's world famous butcher Pat Lafrieda, follow that up with bacon confit, top it with gruyere cheese and arugula, add their amazing dried cherry-red wine reduction and place all of the deliciousness between a pretzel bun. Really!?

This burger will make you feel brand new and in fact it's my favorit burger so far on the entire menu at Red Cow and my second favorite burger hands down. That's not even a bad thing either, but competing with my favorite, the Icehouse Burger from Icehouse Minneapolis which is prepared with seared foie gras and truffle bordelaise is hard to compete with.

My wife decided to go with the Chicken Sandwich, prepared with pulled slow-roasted chicken, avocado cream, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cilantro lime aioli on a french baguette. I've had plenty of chicken sandwiches in my time, but this one is a keeper! I don't like tomatoes and not the biggest fan of anything to do with avocado, and if my wife wasn't hungry, I would have devoured both meals! What an awesome chicken sandwich and a must try.

I've been in contact with Luke, Red Cow's owner on several occainsons to discuss my blogs and we finally got to meet each other during this last trip which was on Valentine's Day. He was kind enough to buy us our first round and thanked me for my reviews and thanked both of us for our continued support of his culinary adventure. Lets hear it for Red Cow, Red Cow, Red Cow...

As always, start you dinner off with their home made chips and onion dip, you can thank me later!

Red Cow
3624 W 50th St
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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