November 24, 2013

What Did The Elk Say?

No really... What did the elk say? Everyone is so concerned about what the fox said and what other animals are saying and I want to know what the elk said! I'd also like to know what the Red Cow and restaurant that is fast becoming an easy favorite of mine said to the elk before putting it on their menu filled with other delicious animals that could have been included in the You Tube sensation Ylvis' song?

Well now that you're annoyed that I got that one hit wonder stuck in your head, it's time to take you through some more delicious cuisine found at the Red Cow. My wife and I made our second trip of what will be many more to come to this fantastic place and yet again, left with a smile on our faces. On the docket for this trip; House Made Potato Chips w/ House Made Onion Dip as a starter, Elk Wellington Burger (just wait for this description), The Grinder (oh man!), House Made Cinnamon Donut Holes and my wife started the evening with their Red Sangria.

My wife wanted to try their Red Sangria our last trip, but forgot to order after we were already getting filled. This time around, she got one and I of course had to try it to make sure it was worth drinking. We both thought it could have been just a tad sweeter, but it was still delicious. The spices and wine were just a tad overpowering, but again, I'm not a red wine drinker at all and I would have ordered one still. As for our starter, the House Made Potato Chips w/ House Made Onion Dip is a must order before any meal. Some places who make their own chips slice the potato the short way and sure, probably yielding more chips, but Red Cow isn't your ordinary place to eat.... They sliced theirs the long way making some rather large chips and down right ridiculously good. And the onion dip.... well that was just an added perk and when our server came to grab the plate I quickly removed the dip to use with my freshly cut fries that came with my meal.

Okay... so we know the cow said moo and when I saw the Elk Wellington being placed in front of me, I said wow, wow, wow! What!? This is how it reads in the menu; elk patty & brie in a puff pastry, served with beer mustard for dipping. What I was trying to figure out was how they planned to make a "bun" out of a puff pastry. When it arrived to our table, the below photo is what made me go wow, wow, wow! So... was it good? You darn right it was good! The pastry was flaky and buttery while the elk was absolutely fantastic and what I was expecting coming from a wild animal that tends to be hunted, but rarely served in a restaurant for others to try. Yep.... That's a burger!

My wife went for a sandwich they called, The Grinder. Basically, it's their take on an Italian sandwich with; genoa & molinari hot salami, pastrami, gruyere, giardinara veggies & pepper aioli on a soft hoagie. The Red Cow should be patting themselves on the back because this thing is better than probably any of the versions I've tried at Italian Restaurants around town. I took one bite and wanted to keep eating it even though I had a delicious Elk Burger right in front of me, that's how good it was! It's got a little kick to it if you're sensitive to hot n' spicy and if you have a gluten allergy, you can enjoy this without worry. Check this sandwich out!

We finished the night with a little desert, their House Made Cinnamon Donut Holes. If you purposely take a trip to the State Fair to get your fix for mini donuts, well...once you've had these donut holes, there's a good chance you'll be visiting Red Cow instead. So, do I have your attention yet and will you be making a trip to Red Cow? Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what the fox said or at some chain restaurant and get to the Red Cow. I guarantee you will be glad you did!

3624 W. 50th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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