November 3, 2013

It's A MisSteak America

I had a craving for some really good rotisserie chicken from one of my wife and I's favorite places, Doolittles Woodfire Grill in Eagan. After stopping by and being told there was a 50+ minute wait, we decided to try another spot with the growling in our tummy's saying, "that's too long to wait". On the way to yet another favorite, Porter Creek Hardwood Grill, I decided to make a call and there was a 90 minute wait there. Running out of options, we ended up at a place you may find Men At Work singing some hits at some day.

What could such a place be? Think of entering an establishment that would combine a VFW, old Timber Lodge, Crapplebee's and a Sports Bar. Add a band with members that could be the parents of the boys from Men At Work and you get Steak America and according to their website, "Steak America Is America's Affordable". I'm no genius in the world of grammar, but I think they forgot something... After being sat and trying to hold back our laughter from the cheesy band playing, I had to head to the bathroom. While in this gorgeous bathroom (insert sarcasm), I heard the band stop playing followed by some applause and I couldn't stop laughing.

I headed back out so I could order an adult beverage to help with this decision to stop by over waiting at some outstanding restaurants and praying the food was good. My wife went with a Ribeye while I decided on the Sirloin. My wife decided to take the au gratin's as her side while I went with the baked potato. We also got a side salad with our meal and instead of two individual salad plates delivered, we received an Olive Garden bowl of salad. This sparked that chatter about my description of the place and I was getting confused fast! 

A good chunk of the interior had the likes of the wood panels found in Timber Lodges, but the brick used for a portion of the remodel was more modern and trendy. The drop down ceiling throughout was old and dingy while the ceiling above the bar was something you'd find at a trendy bar downtown. The furniture was like that of an old supper club with the family atmosphere of a Crapplebee's. Finally, the menu was straight out of a sports bar, but I was thinking it should have had a cover like a book instead. Like I said, I was getting confused... 

Our steaks came out and were served to us by the bartender, not a runner, the same bartender who took our order as well. If you want to be a restaurant, hire another server, the bar tender should remain behind the bar with the guests at the bar. After digging into the steaks, my wife and I looked at each other with looks of, "Meh, it's a steak!" While it wasn't the worst thing we've ever had, I easily could have done a more superior job staying home. They were lacking flavor and I've said this time and time again... salt and pepper go a long way if you're not going to use other seasonings. I devoured my baked potato, lets face it, you can't really screw that up, however my wife took a couple bites of her gratin's and pushed them aside. I had to try these things, they couldn't be that bad, could they? Again, not terrible, but bland and boring. We also received a veggie medley that wasn't all that bad actually. 

After the laughter has died away and we were done eating the GM stopped by to clear our table and made a major no no. She decided to grab our glasses and just reach between patrons at the bar to place on the bar top and returned to grab our plates. time and time again, my wife and I our experiencing no no's like this and it's just something that shouldn't be done. Simple and stupid? Maybe, but if i owned a restaurant, I would expect professionalism at all times. 

So.... The questions is, would I recommend Steak America and would we return? Probably not, but  it's up to you if you want "America's Affordable"!

Burnsville, MN

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