August 1, 2013

Ice Ice Icehouse

All right stop, collaborate, and listen - The Gnaw is back with my brand new restaurant and that restaurant just became one of our new favorites and we only had two meals and a couple adult beverages. Settled in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis on Nicollet between 25th and 26th Street sits the Icehouse. Just entering the the place makes you want to like it and after reading the menu, there was no way we were leaving.

A friend of my wife's told us to stop by after we had conducted a little business regarding a new restaurant to open in the area in the coming months and I'm sure glad we took her advise. I think Vanilla Ice himself would even pull up in his 5.0 with his rag top down and enjoy this delicious food. Since this was our first time, we weren't really sure what to expect and like I mentioned, after seeing the menu, we couldn't just leave without trying something. As we sat there trying to decide what to order, we were admiring the awesome decor and layout.

Okay, it's time to describe the two meals that we ordered and discuss some of the meals that we'll be returning to try that sounded oh so scrum-digity-umtious. The two things that caught my eye right away were their wings and the Beef Empanadas. To learn more about the all new #1 wing in the Twin Cities, visit, Flying Buffalo's? and you can see why they were #1. As for the Empandas, Awesome!

Their Beef Empanadas were made with chimichurri, broiled provolone, mojo verde and they were some of the best we've ever had. You really can't go wrong with a pastry filled with some delicious beef and amazing garnishments. I would tell you to share these with your friends or loved one, but once you have one, you may be a little selfish and want the other two. The other thing you won't want to share is the broiled provolone that comes with. Just trust me, you won't! 

As we neared the completion of this amazing meal, I turned to my wife and said, "We're coming here for my birthday!" My birthday is August 18th and I'm already itching to return to try some of the other things that caught our attention. How about; Gorgonzola Mac N' Cheese, Chile Rubbed Pork, Halibut with clams, basil, tomato, bacon, vermouth, sweet cream or the Portueguese Stew with linguica, shellfish, chicken, kale. Really... The entire menu sounds amazing and my birthday is too far away! If you like mixology and trying new fusions and crazy drink combinations, this is also the place for that and their taps are all local micro brews.

If there was an appetite problem, yo, I'll solve it - Check out the hook while Gnaw Bleezy revolves it!
2528 Nicollet Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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