June 9, 2013

Slide Slide Slippity-Slider Squad

Their "ain´t nobody cryin', ain´t nobody dyin', ain´t nobody worried, but everybody ´s tryin'" the tasty and yummy food that the new addition to the food truck world has to offer. Who might that be? B-52 Burgers & Brew's Slider Squad and they've been traveling all over the Twin Cities spreading the food love and maybe you'll even catch them singing a little Fantastic Voyage one-hit-wonderness from the one and only Coolio.

While Coolio's is "tryin' to find a place where he can live his life and maybe eat some steak with his beans and rice" (there might even be a truck for that), you'll be enjoying some delicious Sliders, Waffle Fries and Corn Fritters that the Slider Squad is serving up. I would really like to tell you exactly how these delicious sliders are made starting with the marinating process of the meat, but that's information that I simply cannot disclose, just know it's loaded with some awesome flavor, a generous amount of melted-gooey cheese and a pickle. If you're like me, you'll be going back for another one as soon as you're done destroying the first one. In fact, co-founder J.J. McKay told my wife and I about a gentleman that has been following them around and has been the first one in line waiting for his slider.

Unlike a lot of other food trucks out their serving some form of burger or sandwich and that's all you get for anywhere in Coolio's neighbor"hood" of $5-$8, the Slider Squad adds a handful of waffle fries with every slider for $6. Not in the mood for a slider? That's fine, you can order up a "massive order of fries" for $5 as well. So maybe sliders aren't your thing and that's fine, but don't worry, the Slider Squad added some Corn Fritters to their menu and each and every day they're having to bring more and more product with them because they're selling out of Corn Fritters. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good problem to have. Now if I could just get my hands on some to try! 

In closing, Coolio and I would like to ask you one last thing - what ya gonna do when the Slider Squad rolls by, you better be ready, so you can...... Eat!?

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