April 1, 2013

Triple D? Nope, Triple B!

So we’ve all heard of the show, Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and sure Guy is probably more famous than I am and a bigger deal than I am – lets face it, he has a T.V. show and I don’t! I’m not talking about those types of places, I’m talking about one place in particular that I decided to nickname, Triple B.

So what does Triple B stand for? Bowling, Bocce and Bistro which can all be found at a place called Pinstripes. Located just off France Ave. in Edina and in a 40,000 square foot dining and entertainment complex sits this really cool and unique place and yes, a place to play bocce, hit the lanes for some pin knocking down time or to enjoy some great food. While my wife and I didn’t get a chance to play, we did get a chance to enjoy some outstanding Italian/American cuisine and going back for try more will definitely happen.

My wife was looking for something a little lighter on the pallet and not so heavy, deciding to go with the Angel Hair Pomodoro. Angel hair pasta in a red sauce made with organic grape tomatoes, fresh mozz., mint and basil… I looked at my wife after trying it and the first thing she says after seeing the expression on my face is “No, it’s not better than Inonni!” Ok, so it’s not, but a strong second and she even tricked me and threw a grape tomato in with my bite and it was outstanding. Well balanced flavors, not too heavy and again, outstanding!

I on the other hand was having a hard time trying to decide what to get and kept going back-and-forth between several dishes. I ultimately decided to try something completely different and went with the Chicken & Goat Cheese Pasta. Goat cheese? Yes goat cheese! This amazing dish is made with fusilli pasta, a rosemary cream sauce and fresh cracked pepper. Oh my…….! You definitely have to make trying this dish a priority for someone in your party if you make it to Pinstripes.

Some of the other dishes my wife and I were eyeballing were; Italian “Jambalaya” Risotto, Pulled Pork Sandwich made with a balsamic BBQ sauce (WHAT!?), Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Proscuitto Caprese Sandwich, Pine Nut Crusted Halibut (one of my all-time favorite fish to eat) and pretty much everything else on the menu as well! So, as you can see, we’ll definitely be heading back to Pinstripes to try more excellent sounding food and maybe next time we’ll get to play some bocce.

Yeah, Mr. spiked white hair has T.V. shows where he can showcase the things he loves and all I have is the Gnaw Blog, but lets face it… I’m much cooler, right? :) It’s HIGHLY unlikely, but maybe someday I’ll have my own cable television show and get to showcase the wonders of the Twin Cities… Hey, it could be a Saturday morning special!

Pinstripes (Bowling, Bocce, Bistro) 
3849 Gallagher Drive
Edina, MN 55435

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