March 13, 2013

It's HURRICANE Season...

Okay, so maybe it's not exactly hurricane season here in Minnesota and probably more like "when is this cold stuff going to leave us" season, but my friends and I found a hurricane that needs to be reported on and unlike most meteorologists, this weather report is accurate. There's a 100% chance of delishisness with the possibility of experiencing some heat.

Where is this place my friends and I have found? That place my food lovers is a place called, Hurricane Grill & Wings. Why do I think my "weather report" is accurate? Because their sauces are amazing and there's over 25 crazy sauce creations to choose from. They also know how to cook their wings and they're good size, not these little pigeon wings found other places. Most of you know that I tend to order my wings extra crispy, naked with the sauce on the side which allows me to really get a feel for the chicken flavor itself and than what it tastes like with the sauce. Welp, I completely forgot to do that and I don't regret it one bit. Loaded with sauce and plenty of excellent flavor!

I suppose you're wondering what sauces I decided to go with??? My friend and I decided to order their Flavor Sampler which provides you with 20 wings (bone in of course) and your choice of four sauces. This provided us with an opportunity to share our meals and get eight sauces and allow us to really experience as much as we could for our first trip. Ok, ok... Here are the sauces we went with; Hot Hurricane, Ancho Chile Lime, Chipotle Raspberry, Boss Sauce, Cyclone Sauce, Jamaican Jerk and Extra Hot Hurricane Sauce. After we were done eating we wanted to try a couple of sauces, so are server brought us out Maple Pepper Glaze and Coco Loco....... AWESOME! These two and Boss Sauce were my three favorite sauces hands down.

If wings aren't your thing, no worries, they have a large selection of other food options for you to choose from and from the looks of some of the dishes that other patrons were having, you won't be unsatisfied. You just won't see me eating those dishes - I'm at a wing place! If you love wings as much as I do, be certain to check this place out and I would suggest ordering my three favorite sauces for sure or maybe just get whatever you like, that's just fine!

Hurricane Grill & Wings 
12950 Aldrich Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337


Anonymous said...

Good blog. I suggest you try their Coco-Loco wings too, they are awesome! I was the 1st customer when they opened. Great food & great staff.

Anonymous said...

Their Fire & Ice flavor is really good, too! Have you thought about attaching your blog reviews to

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the comments and I also post my reviews on Yelp as well! The Coco Loco is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Lisa I was your server this night you came in thanks for the great review! Glad you enjoyed it. Come in and ask for me again!!