February 10, 2013

TWISTED The Night Away...

Let me tell you 'bout a place, somewhere up - a Minnesota way… Oh Sam Cooke, you inspirational body movin’ song creator that’s being used to describe food instead of how to twist your pants off! That said place is Wyatt’s Twisted Americana located in Hastings, MN and taking over the space once occupied by Celts Pub.

My wife and I have been looking to stop by Wyatt’s since its opening and we finally had that chance. Based on the menu, there’s plenty of things to consider trying and during our first visit, I was talked into taking down their take on a Philly while my wife went with their Fish n’ Chips. Lets start with my wife’s Fish n’ Chips… 

Our server Peach was describing their Fish n’ Chips as a battered and deep fried filet that was full of flavor and they even use an amber brew instead of just a light brew. So far it sounds delicious, right? One thing I do think about is, when a place uses batter it tends to be way too heavy and comes out greasy, disgusting and mostly batter with a small amount of fish. At Wyatt’s, it’s the complete opposite! A nice thin batter, great flavor, a thick fish filet and not greasy at all. If you’re a Friday Fish person during lent, this is one of those places you can head to for sure. By the way, make sure you’re eating the homemade tarter as well, mmm mmm Good! 

Lets dance our way over to my Philly… First, you’ll be able to see where Wyatt’s Philly ranks amongst some of the other Philly’s my wife and I have had by visiting > On The Streets Of Philasota!. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite Philly, but’s it’s certainly not disgusting either. The problem was, you can’t make a Philly with marinated beef tidbits served as an appetizer and in their chunk form. While it’s not a typical Philly, man was the meat tender, juicy and really delicious, but just not what I think of when someone says Philly! I did get a chance to make some suggestions to make it into more of your typical Philly and still have the Twisted Wyatt’s take on it and maybe my suggestions will be introduced when they launch their new menu which you can expect to see around the end of February. 

After talking to our server and one of the owners, my wife and I are looking forward to heading back to try some additional items on the menu that caught our eye… Definitely want to test the wings after the owner had my mouth watering with his description of how they’re prepared and then seeing where they rank on the wing challenge > Flying Buffalo’s?. How about a Grilled Cheese Burger? Two grilled cheese sandwiches with a burger in between! Hitting the gym after this one! Also made some suggestions about improving their Mac n’ Cheese by doing a custom mac with their current five cheese recipe and allowing patrons to select a certain number of add-ons. 

It all sounds good and just some of the items that we want to go back to try. Watusi, fly or twist your way into Wyatt’s Twisted Americana, you’re not going to be let down by the flavors and there’s something for everyone. 

880 Bahls Drive
Hastings, MN 55033

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Melissa Goers said...

The service was wonderful! Loved having Peach as our server that night!