August 22, 2012

Hey "Mickey's" You're So Fine, You're So Fine......

The rest of that title should be "....You Blow my Mind!", however I wasn't completely blown away by Mickey's Diner, the stapled 24 hour diner car in downtown St. Paul. My wife and I stopped by the morning after our wedding reception after always wanting to stop by and try things for ourselves AND because so many people tell you, "you have to go, it's amazing."

I wouldn't use the word "amazing", but I would use the phrase, "it's okay!" We split a ham n' cheese omelet, hash browns, toast and some bacon. The omelet wasn't the worst thing, but I'll stick with my little hole-in-the-wall, T & T Galley in South St. Paul for my omelets. I mean, where's the cheese Mickey's? The hash browns were cut fresh, but if you really want some "Amazing!" hash browns, check out the New Louisiana Cafe on Selby & Dale Street. Easily the best hash browns in the Twin Cities hands down.

Everything else is just filler and lets just be honest here... do we really have to talk about toast and bacon? Bacon is bacon and toast is toast! Staple it may be, I must say... If you're going to hype something up folks, you gotta have something to back it. So if you're hoping to please your heart and tummy with an "amazing" meal from Mickey's Diner, you might be finishing the same way Tony Basil did... "...Ooh what you do "Mickey's", do "Mickey's", Don't break my heart,"Mickey's!"

Thank you Tony basil for that inspirational song and thank you to everyone who told me, you have to stop by Mickey's Diner... Now I know where I WON'T go to get a good breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Bacon is not just bacon!

Anonymous said...

I never understood why people go there in the first place. I feel that when a restaurant is over hyped, it's not good food.