July 1, 2012

Stop By, I Say Stop By Rooster's Boy!

Thank you Foghat Leghorn for all those years of great one liners, but your cousin just became one heck of a delicious meal and I say, I say it was delicious! Owner Richard G., a fellow South St. Paulite is cooking up some excellent BBQ fair along with some great broasted chicken and as I was told, is the very best fried chicken you'll find. Is it the best? I'm not so certain quite yet and I'll explain why in a moment...

I'm leading off with their pulled pork and man was it good. Moist? Yep! Tender? Yep! Going back for more? YEP! I can't quite figure out how these chain places are staying in business, because they got nothing on places like Rooster's. The sauce alone is worth the trip; a little sweet, a little heat and a little smokey flavor makes this one of the top sauces I've ever had. At one point time I even told my wife I was going to drink it. "Just finish it off with your fries" she said, so I did!

"The best fried chicken!" Something I heard by several people, but I'm not so sure about that quite yet... It's been a few years sense I've had the broasted fried chicken at the North St. Paul Pizza Factory, but at one point time I was having it every week or weekend because it was simply that good. So to make this a fair match, I plan on stopping back to visit owner and friend, Cal Ahlquist and having a piece of the family recipe and THAN deciding on who's the best.

I've had BBQ all over the Twin Cities and all over the country and I can honestly say that Rooster's is a legit player and easily worth the stop. With only a couple tables available to eat at in house, I recommend just calling in your order and picking it up on your way home from work some weeknight. I'm looking forward to heading back for the ribs and wings, and stay tuned to find out who really has the best broasted fried chicken. :) Even if the North St. Paul Pizza Factory is exactly what I remember, Rooster's, I say Rooster's should be damn proud to take 2nd place! :)

Trip to Cal's completed and I have made my conclusion... In first place is the broasted chicken from Cal's Pizza Factory and in 1.1 place (yes that's a place) is Rooster's! They each bring something awesome to the table for their patrons and it was a close one. Basically, you won't go wrong with either one of these great options...

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