February 25, 2012

Gimme' lotsa' Brasa!

What is Brasa? According to my Google search, Brasa (noun) is; hot or live coal, ember or smoldering piece of wood. I wonder what Brasa Premium Rotisserie uses to cook their food???? Well whatever it is, they’re doing something right! Priding them selves with using 100% natural, locally grown produce when available and organic products, Brasa is providing their patrons with some of the finest culinary dishes in town.

Typically when someone tells you they’ve had some amazing pulled pork or beef, they finish that sentence with some type of BBQ themed joint, but Brasa is no BBQ pit! In fact when you walk into one of their two locations, it looks more like someone took their garage and threw a kitchen in the back, added some tables & chairs and decided to serve up some comfort food. During my recent winter visit, I was wishing it was spring or summer so those darn doors could've been open while I was pleasing my tummy.

During my first and definitely not the last visit, I ordered their; pulled pork seasoned with garlic & lime, mac n’ cheese, rice and pigeon peas w/ ham sofrito and their cornbread w/honey glaze. My fiancĂ© decided to go with their; smoked beef w/ sweet & spicy BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes & gravy and the romaine & mozzarella salad. Would we recommend these dishes? There is no question and the best part, unlike your BBQ pit stop; this is one place that leaves the grease in the kitchen! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “WOW! That’s a lot of food.” Yeah it sounds like it is, but it’s not. Brasa’s menu is designed to allow for sharing, sampling and for portion control as well. With three different portions sizes to choose from, you can either be selfish and feed yourself or maybe you’ll decide to share and order enough to feed the entire table and still have leftovers to bring home.

This may come as a surprise, but there are even health benefits Brasa can provide its customers, yes health benefits. In the past few years, it seems the talk of digestive disorders has risen and making it harder for persons with these disorders to find a good place to leave the house for. Celiac Disease is one of those being talked about in high numbers so Brasa is providing a nearly gluten free menu with recipes that adhere to the standards set forth by the Celiac Foundation. Now that’s health conscience!

Now you just have to ask yourself one thing… when should I go? Like I mentioned earlier, you have two locations to choose from; Saint Paul on Grand Ave. near Avon Street and the other is in the Northeast Minneapolis district on Hennepin near Central Avenue. With 14 side dishes alone to choose from and some excellent meat options, sharing is probably a good thing to consider so you have plenty to taste test. Plus, we’re taught to do so in kindergarten, so you might as well! :)

600 E. Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Saint Paul
777 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN. 55105

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