About The Foodie

Hi, I'm Nicholas, also known by some of my family and friends as chef Nicholas, the home chef. I absolutely love the culinary world, a world that is ever changing and we have an amazing culinary environment right here in 'Sota. Sometimes the are some of the finest creations, more often than not - it's at least enjoyable, while other times it should never be served again. That's where I come in! I want you - "To Know Before You Go!" Food Gnawledge is your source for knowing what restaurants you should take the time to check out as well as those you should, well, maybe consider staying away from.

Just say no to chains! I am not at all a fan of chains as I prefer to put my energy into finding, and sharing the very best one-of-a-kind restaurants the Twin Cities has to offer. Why so harsh towards chains? Because most of what the chains have to offer is boring flavor and took little to no talent or effort to make. While I am local to the Twin Cities and spend most of our time here, there is plenty of good food scattered all of the Minnesota landscape. It's true, we will, on a very rare occasion, try a new chain to enter the market, but typically the response is the expected one - nothing exciting to brag about.

A big question still remains... Why should anyone consider listening to what I have to say? Some may call it being a food snob, some say my opinion doesn't really matter, but I see it as being the most honest and authentic review you will ever read thanks to a well rounded palette. You never know where we'll end up and I'm always interested in learning about new places to check out and the experience you had.

A little more about Nicholas:

I was born in good ol' Cowtwon USA, South St. Paul, Mn. My parents and grandfather taught me how to play hockey at the early age of 3 and I continue to play today. My wife and I currently reside in Rosemount, Mn with our little monsters Easton and Oliver - who by the way, love food like mommy and daddy. We share a lot of the same interests and enjoy getting to experience new things together, like food and adding to our list of adventures.

When I'm not out and about trying new foods with my family, you can find me with my chef coat on in the kitchen preparing something delicious for the family to enjoy or putting my skills to the test and attempting to recreate something we enjoyed while dining out. Chef, Andrew Zimmern once said, "If it looks good, eat it!"