June 8, 2020

The Prescott Food Scene

Prescott might have that small town feel to it, but come the weekends or a beautiful evening during the week, everyone with a boat or Harley takes over the town. And, in order to keep all these people happy, a small town like Prescott needs plenty of places to refuel those gurgling and hungry bellies. With plenty of options to choose from, where does one even start?

Well my fellow food loving friends, you can either follow the bikers into the places they call home. You could always follow the boaters who have their favorite spots. Or, you can continue to check this page for updates on the places you definitely want to check out or maybe consider staying away from as well.

Lucky for me, I’ll be visiting Prescott a lot more often thanks to some family who decided to move across the river into Packer Country. So, grab your boat key, motorcycle, truck or car keys and follow along as we dissect the Prescott food scene.

Prescott Roadhouse, nothing too fancy, not very big, but the grub is absolutely fantastic. After helping family with their landscaping, it was time to order up some of Roadhouse’s grub for the first time. Steak Bites, Fish Taco’s, Shrimp Taco’s, House Dry-Rub Wings, Fries, Burger, Quesadilla and a Grilled Cheese. No, I didn’t eat it all, but I was hungry enough to do just that. The Dry-Rub Wings were made exactly how I like them – extra crispy and seasoned well. The Fish Tacos were spot on, while the Shrimp Tacos were fine – just not as exciting. I nibbled on all the other items and the flavors were very good. I’d be happy to go back over to do more work for family if I get to enjoy the grub from Prescott Roadhouse. Check out the Roadhouse the next time you’re passing through Prescott, you’ll definitely leave craving more.

Philander’s Grill and Bar, your typical sports bar atmosphere to enjoy a good Packer’s game with your typical mediocre food. This was the first time ordering food in Prescott while visiting family and it’s absolutely the last time. The wraps that were ordered were what you would expect at any sports bar – not terrible. But it’s the burgers that really bring this place down. Picture if you will, a box of frozen patties just picked up from Costco for the company picnic or golf fundraiser, cooked and placed in the disposable tin that’s been sitting around for a little while, not even warm enough to melt the cheese. If that’s what you crave or consider to be an amazing burger, then stop by Philander’s. If you’re like me and prefer to enjoy quality made burgers and food, there are definitely better options in Prescott.

The journey will continue! We’ve heard from the locals that Lucille’s and The Kitchen Table are places to hit next, so check back as we prepare to travel through Prescott and report back to our fellow foodies. If you know of a place in Prescott we should hit sooner, rather than later, let us know. Until then, enjoy the scenery on the motorcycle, boat or Sunday drive with the family.

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