March 1, 2020

Not Your Office Potluck

Whether it's for a birthday, work anniversary or promotion, department party or the holidays, we've all experienced office potlucks. George brought his famous veggie tray, Janet brought her families secret fruit cake recipe, Susan is handling the fruit punch bowl while the boss, Kevin, wants everyone to enjoy his mothers cheese dip. And you, you bring the best chili anyone has ever made, because you spent hours perfecting it for your favorite co-workers. 

While most of us enjoy a good office potluck, the all new Potluck Mn Food Hall located at Rosedale Mall is now open after taking over the space once home to Revolution Hall. This potluck doesn't have any of those classic items previously mentioned, but it a better experience than your typical food court. There's something for everyone at the Potluck and while it is a better experience than your typical food court, it was also a little underwhelming. Except for one place! 

Let's start with some ramen from O Bāchan Noodles + Chicken. Ramen seems to be a rising trend lately and there is plenty of great options out there. Unfortunately for O Bāchan, it's not an option that will have you craving seconds. Well, unless you like high amounts of sodium and nothing, but soy sauce. If that's your jam, then Justin Sutherland has prepared the perfect, not so pleasant dish for you. Furthermore, the chicken was pretty bland, basically flavorless and it's suppose to be downright amazing. 
When you see a place known for their burgers, you of course have to grab one and check it out. Next up is the House Burger from Josh Thoma, Kevin Fitzgerald and Nick O’Leary's Burger Dive and while it's not a top 5 burger, you should definitely pick one up for yourself. Nice sear to the patties, decent flavor, however - a burger, basket of fries (if you don't want a bag of chips) and a pop is far to over-priced at just shy of $20 for the quality you're getting. 
OMB! (O' My Biscuits! as my wife said) It was Jason Matheson and pastry chef Adrienne Odom's Betty & Earl's that will absolutely have you craving more! Biscuits!? Really!? Yes, Biscuits! Grabbed a Sausage Gravy Biscuit - a large biscuit with their famous gravy infused into the biscuit, with a side of their famous sausage gravy. Ate that, then decided to go back for another AND a Cinnamon Roll Biscuit. You need dessert, right? Finished that off and went back a THIRD time for some biscuits to bring home - 2 more Cinnamon Rolls, 2 Apple Biscuits and a Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookie. What!? don't judge, you'll be addicted too! Best part - JUST $5 A BISCUIT! And, they're huge!
Lastly, our kiddo's shared a slice of cheese pizza from Grand Ole Creamery & Grand Pizzeria and while our kiddo's took that giant slice down, it's definitely not something to go back for seconds. You may find it enjoyable or you may just go for their famous ice cream instead. In fact, you should just go for the ice cream, everyone knows it's fantastic. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get anything from Smack Shack and honestly, it was far too overpriced for a "food court" experience - $18 for a tiny lobster roll (that's it) that didn't look all that exciting anyways. We also passed on Nordic Waffles, nothing really looked appealing or interesting. And finally, hummus is a side dish or app, not a complete meal turned into a salad, so we passed on Justin Sutherland's other concept, Chickpea. Maybe that's your thing, but 5 or 6 pita chips with some hummus is enough for most potluck guests. 

So, are you sticking with your office potluck dishes or planning on visiting the all new Potluck at Rosedale Mall? You won't find Kevin's mom's cheese dip or Susan's fruit punch, but those biscuits are fantastic and you may just enjoy the other dishes you'll find here. 

Potluck MN Food Hall 
Rosedale Mall - South End
Rosedale, MN 

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