January 15, 2020

Smashed Burger (Twin Cities Best Burgers)

There is no hiding it, I am a sucker for a perfectly made burger and there is only one way to enjoy a solid burger. That's fresh ground cow anatomy, smashed on the flat top, seasoned perfectly and assembled with the finest ingredients. And, while there are plenty of burgers to choose from in this world, they're not all created equally.

While most of the local, major media outlets find it necessary to categorize burgers - "Cult Burgers", "Power Lunch Burgers", "Beer Hound Burgers" or whatever - I find that to be nonsense. Listen, you either have the skills necessary to make a quality burger on the flat top or you don't, it's that simple. There is no need to categorize them!

The burgers that I enjoy the most have morsels of goodness falling off the burger and making a mess in my hands while I'm trying to eat. We've got a great list of the top 5 burgers to start off your 2020, followed up with some burgers not to overlook and because it's 2020, participation awards as well.

We start with the insane burger creation found at Parlour Bar. With locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we encourage you check out Parlour Minneapolis first, but St. Paul's will still defeat anything on the list. Parlour's Double-Double is a house blend of chuck, brisket and ribeye, perfectly seasoned, white American cheese and perfectly grilled egg bun. This is a must try and the burger that we crave on a weekly basis.

Tied for the top spot because it's my blog and absolutely worth the trip north to Cambridge is where you will find a place called Willards and their simply named, Perfect Burger (Pictured above). Seriously, if you're not willing to go try the best burger found north of 694 all the way to the boarder, you're missing out. Go for a single, or grab a double-double if you're hungry enough to take one down. House made buns, house made mayo, house made pickles (which I left off, just not a big pickle guy) with the perfect pressed 80 blend and American cheese. Seriously, a legit burger that I'm craving while I share these feelings.

Following just behind in the second spot is Revival, another multi location selection.While they are very well known for some of the most amazing fried chicken, the Revival Burger is another exceptional burger that is available in a single, double or triple patty option. And, you should absolutely add the bacon - you'd be a fool not to. Go with friends and have them get some chicken so you can all make your belly's happy with their outstanding menu options.

Coming in the 3rd spot is Saint Dinette in Lowertown - St. Paul. Their Double-Double Cheeseburger with classic American is an outstanding burger that plenty of people have told me is better than the Parlour. I would never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a Saint Dinette Cheeseburger, but it's just not a Parlour Burger, it's unique in its own right and should still be enjoyed.

Just off the podium sits Pepper's & Fries off Lake Street. They have several solid creations for burger lovers to choose from, but for me, it's their Cheeseburger-Cheeseburger double patty and insanely delicious PB&J. Oh and by the way, their PB&J is a 2015 Burger Battle 3rd Place winner in both categories.

Last and certainly not least is McKinney Roe near US Bank Stadium, with their Big Stag Burger. Two quarter-pound CAB burgers, white American cheese, sliced dill pickles, maple peppered bacon, caramelized onions, frizzle onions, dijon aioli, pretzel roll - hold the onions. Yes, hold the onions. They're unnecessary on a burger if you ask me! Your 2018 Burger Battle 2nd Place Finisher.

We will certainly be checking out some more spots and have some on my radar, and while you're checking these places out, don't forget about some of these other great spots to try;

  • Kendall's at Bunker Hill during the summer at the outdoor patio grill. Grab one of their outstanding double-doubles on the turn.
  • Brunson's Pub on Payne. Their classic double and Schwietz Burger are some solid creations.
  • Birch's Lowertown Taproom in St. Paul is serving up another solid burger creation and if you're a beer consumer, they're making excellent brews as well. 
  • Lowry Hill Meats on Hennepin Ave. near 94. Hold the onions and pickles and definitely get the house made ketchup. 
  • King's Place in Miesville. More burger options than you know what to do with and they always taste awesome. 
I wouldn't say no to any of these, but if one of the picks mentioned above isn't close by, the following will suffice;
  • Burger Burger inside the MOA
  • Busted Nut in Hastings
  • Hazelwood Food and Drink in Bloomington (Check out their Lobster Bisque)
  • JL Beers with multiple locations
  • Shantytown Bar & Grill in Bloomington
  • St. Paul Tap off 35E and Jefferson Ave.
  • Tamarack Tap in Woodbury
Remember, if it's not made on a flat top, it's not worth eating! 

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