October 12, 2019

Small Town Burger Man

I was never brought up workin' on the land like my daddy's daddy before me and falling in love with a small town woman. However, I was brought up on delicious food prepared by my mother who learned from my mommy's mommy and I might just be a small town burger man.

Working in construction, I'm traveling all over the place and one of our foreman told me that our next destination has some pretty solid burgers. With him well aware of my top 10 list - I'm A Meat Eater (Best T.C. Burgers), he wanted to see if it had the potential to be added. 

I decided to go with a classic bacon cheese burger, double American cheese and comes on a standard bun (untoasted), with a side of tots. My pal Phil went for his favorite at the bar, the Curd Burger. A 1/2 lb. burger, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, fried curds and bbq sauce on a toasted bun. I didn't try the curd burger, but the toasted bun is of significance... 

My burger was a classic "diner style" burger, nothing more, nothing less. It definitely had some great potential and I would certainly go back for another one and a great start with their burgers being prepared on a flat top. I do have some suggestions.

First, add some additional seasoning (combination of salt, pepper and something additional that is unique to set you apart from the rest). Next, I would ball my chuck up with a small chunk of butter (about the size of a peanut M&M) and set aside for later. Then, I would smash the burgers on the flat top and get a nice crispy sear to retain those flavors, flipping and placing the cheese immediately on the burger. Finally, I would serve EVERY burger with a toasted bun.

I can see why the locals would like this place instead of going to Applebees (which you never need to go to). Decent burgers, plenty of burger creations, small town feel and I think even Alan Jackson himself would enjoy a burger. So, would their burgers make my top 10 list? Not quite! But, again, a decent burger and maybe with some changes for the better, the potential could be there...

Cambridge Bar & Grill
216 South Main St.
​Cambridge, Mn 55008

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