August 29, 2018

A Dull Machete!

A Dull Machete

Typically, a machete is a sharp, broad knife that can be used to cut trees and plants, the type of tool that could be used to chop away at agave plants and making some delicious tequila. Or, it could be a dull object that isn’t really worth using at all. And, like that dull object, this next place should have “sharpened” up on their food preparation before opening.

That dull place we’re talking about is Machete Cucina Mexicana locate din Woodbury and taking over the space that was once home to one of my favorite places for tacos, Cien Taco. Why they closed, I’m not so sure, but I kind of feel like residents of Woodbury don’t appreciate Mexican Food???? Anyways, let’s fill you in on our thoughts on the latest addition to Woodbury and why it’s not really a keep for us.

I’ve heard both good and bad things about this place and when a friend of mine asked for my recommendation, it was time to pay this place a visit and see for ourselves. After being seated, and, like most Mexican restaurants, chips and salsa was arriving to our table shortly after being seated. Chips were tasty and the salsa was different. Not bad, but different for sure. We grabbed a margarita and cerveza’s as our server explained that Machete is providing authentic Mexican food with a modern twist. Not sure what that meant, but I saw “American style tacos” and laughed out loud.

We went ahead and ordered a Carnitas Burrito, a variety of street tacos so we could try several protein options and queso dip. The queso arrived first and was your typical queso, certainly not something you’ll crave and demand more immediately. As for our other food, that’s where things really went south.

The burrito, a combination of your choice of meat or veggie, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guac and pico. It came out looking like something I could have made at home and after biting into it, I told my wife, “I’d take a Chipotle burrito over that one!” It certainly wasn’t gross or inedible by all means, but really boring.
For our taco meats, I went with carnitas, tinga, barbacoa and cochinita pibil (pork shoulder marinated in a sauce that is close to a mole sauce). Like the burrito, the carnitas was super boring, the tinga was just a step above that, the cochinita wasn’t too exciting either and the barbacoa had the most flavor, but pretty typical in comparison to other Mexican restaurants. Head on over to our Twin Cities Best Tacos list to see how this place did against the competition.

You know what, I almost forgot my little guys quesadilla… Well, ok, maybe I didn’t forget it, I just wasn’t going to share it. I make better quesadillas at home! All in all, the food isn’t terrible, maybe worth a try for someone that is more into the blandness of foods. Let’s face it, Mexican food can at times, be spicy and not everyone is a fan of spice. But, you still have to have flavor! I have other places I would recommend, but you’re more than welcome to check this place out for yourself.

Machete Cocina Mexicana
803 Bielenberg Dr
Woodbury, MN 55125

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