July 17, 2018

A Revival In Need Of Spreading

There is definitely a Revival in the Twin Cities, a Revival that needs to spread like a wildfire to cure everyone’s hunger pains and cravings for delicious food. It’s the type of food that will leave a lasting impression all week long on your taste buds after consumption. There definitely is a Revival and you can find it in Minneapolis on Nicollet Ave. or in St. Paul on Selby Ave.

Revival, A southern infused, small, quaint restaurant, providing their patrons with a culinary experience that will indeed leave a lasting impression and having you wanting more. I’ve had a number of friends say it’s a must that I check this place out and that I try their Revival burger. While it’s not necessarily a “burger place”, Revival is serving the best burger you can find in the Twin Cities, period! As simple is this burger is, it’s prepared perfectly! Full of seasoning with salty bites from start to finish. Melty, gooey American cheese covering the whole thing. Just the right touch of mayo, two HUGE, thick cuts of bacon on a perfectly grilled bun and morsels of this deliciousness falling off. After one bite, you will try catching those little morsels… Get it single, double or triple stacked - I guess it just depends on how hungry you are. You will want to go back for another and another and another…
The Revival Burger!
What I did learn about Revival and what they’re more known for, is their fried chicken. Doesn’t matter what review site you read, local newspaper outlets, magazines, etc., Revival’s fried chicken comes out on top. I have yet to find anything better and I’m doubtful that I will. Every single bite is full of flavor and moist – even the white meat which ALWAYS dry’s out. You can fry it up southern style, Tennessee hot, poultrygeist or (cough) gluten free and for our first visit, we went with southern style with their house made sauces on the side and it was insane! I want more now from just sitting here writing about it…

Lots of other great items on the menu that I need to go back to try; dry rubbed wings, pimento cheese and meat plate, johnnycakes appetizer, Chicken and waffles, more southern fried chicken and another Revival burger. They also have plenty of sides to choose from and I encourage you to order the mac n’ cheese, hush puppies or sorghum glazed carrots. Mac n’ cheese is some of the best you’ll eat. The puppies, while simple, are served with an amazing dip. And, the carrots, well, they’re easily the best carrots I’ve ever consumed and my sister would be proud. She’s always harping on me to eat more veggies…

Revival definitely needs to spread like a wildfire and I personally would love to see a location in the south metro, Apple Valley/Rosemount area, maybe even my backyard. Seriously though, we need something like this all across the metro for ALL to enjoy, it’s simply that good.

Revival (2 Locations)
Minneapolis & St. Paul


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