June 18, 2018

Wyatt’s Has Me Twisted

I’m twisted and all torn up, there’s nothing I won’t do for delicious food, ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but I just love food. Good food! What gets me twisted all up is when a restaurant can’t maintain some kind of consistency. I completely understand that you will have good days and bad days, but it can’t be a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, as they say, when it rains it pours. And, that’s what happened to a place we’ve been visiting quite often as of late – Wyatt’s Twisted Americana.

Known for their extensive list of burgers and with 2 locations to choose from, Eagan and Hastings, Wyatt’s started to grab my attention after just one visit and wanting to try several burgers on their menu. However, I’m not man vs. food unhealthy, so I have to spread my visits out! 

Our first visit had us eating the wrong burger, but that was my fault. I ordered the Jalapeno Bacon and Havarti. Zesty jalapeno bacon, creamy Havarti & chipotle ranch on a ½ lb burger. I got the Herb Butter Cheese Burger instead and completely blitzed. Not a bad burger at all and cooked to a perfect pink - Basted in garlic herb butter & cooked on a bed of caramelized onions with Havarti, but I really wanted what I ordered. Our server and I chatted about and laughed and we told her we’d be back for seconds. My wife ordered a classic California Burger and ate the whole thing. I guess it was good! 

During this first visit of ours, I also wanted to try one of their specialty sliders. These are sausage and fun animal combinations and I recommend EVERYONE trying something from this menu. I went for the Venison with Merlot with Blueberries - A fabulous blend of Merlot wine, blueberries & select herbs complements the richness of Canadian red deer. WOW! 

Visit number two had me checking out their classic juicy with American inside and double American outside. Cooked perfectly, and with some pretty solid flavor, but it could definitely use some more cheese on the inside and the cheese on the outside wasn’t even melted. It was as if the kitchen said, “Wait, I forgot something, but they won’t notice!” And, while I would have appreciated more cheese and melty cheese, their classic juicy has plenty of potential. I believe my wife went again for a classic California and again, enjoyed it. 

Our most recent visit is the type of visit that would scare most people away for life if it was their very first visit. They were struggling since the day before when they had a water pipe break in the men’s bathroom and refused to fix it in a timely manner, then the A/C went out and it was 80+ degrees inside on a stormy and muggy Father’s Day evening, then when we tried to change our soon to be 3 month old, we had to do so in the back of our vehicle because they had no changing stations, then it took over 1.5 hours to get our food and that is not in any way a stretch, it literally took that long from sitting down to first bite and to finish this superb evening off, only 2 people out of our 8 in the party ate their food, my 3.5 year old ate his cheese pizza and my sister ate her burger. 

Our burgers were road kill dead, dryer than a desert and mostly unappetizing. My sister went for my original eye catcher, the Jalapeno Bacon and Havarti and while the flavors were decent, it was much too done for me and the bacon was just bacon. Mom went for the Shroom-N-Swiss and she said the mushrooms were never cooked and you couldn’t kill the burger any more than it was. Dad went for the Mn Tots and Bacon and this was even worse than my mom’s burger for being too done. I’ve never seen my dad pass on a burger and he took maybe 3 bites and pushed it aside. My sister’s kiddos each ordered something, but I don’t recall exactly what that was and finally, my burger – Peanut Butter Bacon Melt. NEVER PUT A BURGER ON SOUR DOUGH TOAST! BUNS – BUNS – BUNS – BUNS AND ONLY BUNS!  I fought my way through as much as I could, but didn’t even get half way through until I had to call it quits. Easily one of the worst burgers I’ve ever consumed, I would eat an Applebee’s burger it was so bad. 

A lot of restaurants would have told us, “tough, the food you received was top notch, deal with it!” But, the G.M. wasn’t impressed at all himself. He made it right and he was very apologetic after speaking to him about our entire experience. This was one of those nights they would probably like to forget and I know they can provide a better experience, because we’ve experienced a higher level of customer service from Wyatt’s. We won’t necessarily stay away, but will be a tad on the hesitant side.  

Eagan and Hastings

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