August 14, 2017

To Beer or Not To Beer?

It's a really good question that you have to ask yourself when visiting Red Wing Brewery after talking to some friends of yours that have visited already and know what I'm looking for in beer and food. So, do I beer it up, I do I not? I decided to check this place out, but was it a regrettable decision?

I haven't been made aware of anything exciting in Red Wing to check out and I had to ask around to see if anything was worth checking out. Some friends of mine told us we had to try the pizza at Red Wing Brewery before mentioning anything about the brews. I thought to myself, "Really, the pizza?" They get all of their ingredients locally to make their pizzas and they looked amazing as they were bringing out pizza after pizza. One of my friends said it's the crust that makes their pizzas so awesome. Ok, lets give it a whirl!

You can order up your own personal pizza or a full size to share. I decided to order up a personal meat lovers pizza while my wife decided to build her own. My wife went for pepperoni, green olives and onions while my meat lovers was prepared with garlic white sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, pepperoni, ham and sausage. When they arrived, they definitely looked enjoyable. But, after taking a quick bite of a sausage, I asked my wife, "What does this taste like to you?"
I asked that question, because the first thing that came to my mind was a sausage from Pizza Hut or Domino's. No, seriously, that's exactly what we both thought of after trying their sausage. As for the rest of the flavor and the crust, well if they didn't have the crust they had, this really would just be a glorified Pizza Hut with a brewery attached to it.
As for their beer that I know you've been dying to know about, well, I wouldn't go out of my way to check this place out. I went for a flight of everything they had on tap and their wheat's had too similar of flavors as did their full body brews, but there was a single beer that I did actually enjoy and that was their Ski Jump Special. All in all though, their brews were very bland, boring and not all that creative. Something about the beers being made in this state that just aren't exciting EXCEPT for places like; Lakeville Brewery, Modist Brewery, Insight Brewery and Castle Danger.

So, the questions remains for you... Are you going to beer it up at Red Wing Brewery or pass? The decision is up to you and everyone has a liking for different beers, but I guess I'm just used to exceptionally made beer from Oregon and my few favorites previously mentioned. The decision is yours! But, just know, there ins't much else to choose from in Red Wing if you have the same feelings as I did....

Red Wing Brewery
1411 Old West Main Street
Red Wing, MN

August 13, 2017

Jam on 'cause LoLo's got it!

I've been waiting for so long for some excellent restaurants to hit the market and I just can't hold back my excitement for this latest gem we found thanks to a recommendation from our pal Taco (which by the way, is a fitting nickname which you'll understand a little later on). Whelp, It's time for me to stop listening to the Backstreet Boys and let it all go! Let you all know about this amazing new place. 

With three locations to choose from, one in Stillwater and their original, one in downtown Hudson and the other in the MSP airport for all you following the Boys on tour, Lolo American Kitchen & Craft Bar is not a place you can pass up. My wife and I were looking for something new to try (as always) and we're glad Taco mentioned this place to us. We decide don the Hudson location, which hasn't been opened very long right on the main drag of Downtown Hudson. 

I started to review the menu just before we headed out and items were catching my attention, left and right. A coupe of items really caught my attention and they all were coming from their tacos and dogs menu. Now, for those who know me best, I'm a huge stickler when it comes to tacos. So many places try to make tacos, but the large majority simply fail. And, not just the authentic version, but failing with the Americanized versions as well. But, there was something about LoLo's creations that was catching my attention and telling my belly to go for it. 

My wife and I decided to share their Korean BBQ Hanger Steak Tacos and their Fish Tacos. Now before I share the ingredients in creating these two masterpieces, I have to just say it right away, easily two of the best Americanized tacos I've ever had (I hope LoLo's ownership isn't offended by that, because they shouldn't be!). 
Lets start with the Korean Tacos. Made obviously with a Korean BBQ and Hanger Steak, but also prepared with napa (cabbage), pickle (definitely house prepared) and this insanely awesome aioli. So good, it would make you want to get out of your chair and start dancing like the Boys do. Seriously, So dang delicious! As for those Fish Tacos, well, just as insane. Perfectly prepared fish fillets, lightly battered and prepared with a creamy chimichurri sauce, salsa, avocado and cabbage. Their creamy chimichurri sauce was the best chimichurri I've ever had and I wanted more. Thankfully, their awesome smoked salt fries comes with a side of it that didn't last long. 
We can't forget about the little guys' burger or this new craft brew I tried. My little guys' simple cheese burger, might of been simple, but it was an awesome burger! Even he ate most of it! And the brew that I had, well it was something I've never had before and I hope I can find it in liquor stores. New Holland's - Lost Dune, a coriander and blueberry golden ale that had a really nice color and and even better flavor. 

Jam on 'cause LoLo's DEFINITELY got it goin' on and I can't wait to head back for some delicious food. And, if you decide to visit the Hudson location ask to sit in Zack Morris' section, yes the same Zack from Saved By The Bell. No, not really, but that's what he told us because there's two Zack's, but this real life Zack did an exceptional job and a great server.

LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar
Stillwater, Hudson, MSP Airport