July 30, 2017

Let McKinney Roe Go?

As I started to stare at the bottom of my empty glass, I was wondering why our server was so slow and watching all the other servers walking by us so fast. Maybe someday I'll understand why our server was as bad as he was, but until then, I'll just assume he didn't do all that well during the customer service portion of his training. Especially if that training was provided by the management at McKinney Roe.

We'll get to the above mentioned comments shortly, but as a huge burger lover, not being able to make it out to the Twin Cities Burger Battle and finding this place took home gold, it was a must that I check it out. With a prime spot in the new Wells Fargo Center next to the U.S. Bank Stadium and a large outdoor seating area, I figured it would be a good 30-35 minute wait, but we were sat immediately and we went for an outdoor spot.

Our server Neal took our drink order as we looked over the menu, although, we already knew we wanted to check out their burgers. When he returned, we immediately placed our order with all of us going with a burger. A child's burger for our little guy, the All American Burger for my sweetie and the Burger Battle gold medal burger for me, the Big Stag Burger. 

As we waited for our food to arrive, we wondered where our server had ran off to. Another server had stopped by to ask us if we wanted any water. And, on a hot night out on the patio, you'd think that would have been the first thing to arrive at the table. But Neal was nowhere to be found. As a runner sets our food down, still no site of Neal... Oh, there he is... Nope, walked right past our table and was constantly complaining to the host's that he had too many tables to handle...

Time to dig into the burgers and see if all the hype was really worth it. My sweeties All American was an 8 oz. CAB with maple peppered bacon, baby bibb, hydro tomato, sweet red onion and choice of cheese and looked wonderful. The gold medal Big Stag was built with two quarter-pound CAB burgers, white American cheese, sliced dill pickles, maple peppered bacon, caramelized onions, frizzle onions, dijon aioli, pretzel roll and again, looked amazing. Even my little guys burger looked yummy.
Time to take some bites! And, after just a single big bite into my Big Stag, there was definitely no reason I could think of why they shouldn't have won! I paused, thought Oh My! and told my sweetie she had to take a bite immediately. Her response was priceless after she was seeing my expression, "Oh, you mean take a bite of yours first, then take a bite of mine, hate mine and wants yours?" She had a good point... It wasn't that her burger was terrible, in fact, it was delicious as well, but it wasn't the Big Stag. Seriously, the Big Stag burger is insanely amazing and yes, you deserved to win! Definitely made the top 10 list - I'm A Meateater! (Best T.C. Burgers).
Back to the customer service... After finishing our drinks and our waters, we would have enjoyed a refill to keep us refreshed in the heat, but Neal was no where to be found. Eventually, Neal managed to stop by asking how our food was and we just replied, we would like our check and a to-go box - my sweetie couldn't finish hers. About 15 minutes later, we have a bill and about 15 more minutes I'm asking another server to take our bill and credit card. Upon its return, I notice he doubled our bill on the final receipt. So, I went inside to look for a manager, but was greeted by a very friendly server who handled it for me. 20 minutes go by and I'm getting a little frustrated... My wife and child make their way to a cool vehicle while I continue to wait. Finally, what I can only describe as a possible assistant manager walks by, and sets my bill down on the table and continues to walk away. No apology for the delay, incorrect billing, not a peep! 

McKinney Roe is a white linen, high end restaurant. The type of place that you typically will receive world class customer service at. However, the customer service we received was more inline with a fast food employee. Thankfully, McKinney Roe's food was exceptional, but because of the staff, Passenger has me wondering if I should just let this place go... Probably not, but Neal and his managers for that evening need some more customer service training and if it's too many tables to handle (all the other servers were killing it), maybe consider a career change????

McKinney Roe
530 4th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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