July 12, 2017

Girl Look At Them Tacos

You won’t catch me dead walking the streets in a new lafreak (whatever that is) or walking the beach in a speedo trying to tan my cheeks (ok, maybe just to be funny), but I will walk the streets in search of some truly authentic Mexican food in Minnesota. A search that has become a passion of mine (in my belly not my pants).

It’s a search that has finally taken me to a new spot that recently opened in the West Side neighborhood off Cesar Chavez (Old Concord) Street that is indeed, providing its customers with truly authentic Mexican food to enjoy while I listen to some LMFAO. That place is called La Costa Mexican Sports Bar + Grill. A fun, rustic meets sporty, garage style, make you feel like you’re on the streets of a small Mexican town, right here in St. Paul, restaurant that I want to keep going back to. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few spots around town that are worth checking out and I have some of those places (including La Costa) ranked on my places worth checking out over at - Mas Tequila, Por Favor!

The family decided to do Taco Tuesday Night and after driving by La Costa several times now, it was time to check this place out. I was definitely hungry for some authentic and delicious Mexican food, but wasn’t sure what to expect. After ordering our food, there is no reason why anyone should overlook this place and no doubt they’ll be around for the long haul.

We ordered three different types of tacos, the fajitas and for starters, some guac, salsa and chips. For under 4 bucks, a giant bowl of freshly made guac came out and more than enough to serve an entire table. A bowl you will not find anywhere else! I won’t eat guac here in the states too often, but I found myself enjoying this batch.

The Fajitas could have served an entire table as well and my wife went for the Fajita Trio which included Chicken, Steak and Shrimp. Most of the time when I’ve ordered fajitas, the meat comes out like jerkey and the shrimp is nothing to brag about. At La Costa, the meat is tender and juicy and the shrimp are huge. Best part, it’s seasoned and prepared perfectly with warm corn tortillas. And, again, an entire table could be fed. As for those tacos, I went for the Carnitas, Tinga and the Asada (which was only a buck a taco the night we were there). The Asada and Tinga were very tender and seasoned just right and the Carnitas was seasoned and cooked to perfection as well. The Carnitas wasn’t over bearing with too many flavors to overload your taste buds and not a pile of greasy meat either. But it was the taco I didn’t initially order that got my attention and easily the best taco I’ve ever had.

After talking to one of the owners (the wife) about our experience and getting to know a little more about the restaurant concept, the family and chatting about our thoughts on the so called “Authentic” Restaurants around town (cough, Teresa’s), she had asked if I tried the La Costa Tacos (Tacos de Discada). They certainly caught my attention while I was reviewing the menu, but I told her no. “You have to try one!”, she says.

As she places an order for one taco with our server, she explained to us the roots of their formal name - Tacos de Discada. Traditional tacos found in the northern state of Chihuahua and something you will not find anywhere else. Made with a mixture of grilled meats - beef, pork, ham, bacon, chorizo, frank, ranchero sauce, onions and cilantro, after just one bite, I was wishing I ordered these instead.

The food truly is as good as I am making it sound! If you want to dress like LMFAO in some animal print pants, that’s cool or if you want to wear a Lucha Libre Mask and do a little wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle as you walk into La Costa, I suppose that’s cool too. Just make sure you get to La Costa to enjoy some truly authentic Mexican food. I can't wait to get back to try some more items off the menu.

La Costa Mexican Sports Bar + Grill
194 Cesar Chavez St.
West Side Neighborhood - St. Paul, MN 55107

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