January 11, 2017

No Partying At This Bonfire

When the bonfire is lit, the ice cold adult beverages are flowing, the company around the fire is great, some tunes playing in the back ground, some s'mores being prepared and everyone is happy, you know it's going to be a good night. Unfortunately, the bonfire we were just at wasn't anything like the one in your backyard or up at the cabin.

That bonfire I speak of happens to be the metro's Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking and we happened to be at the Eagan location. Many year's ago when this place first opened its doors, I remember thinking this was the place for a fine dining experience - the prices certainly reflected that! My typical order was the Surf n' Turf, which back then was a steak and walleye fillet. Today, that has changed and so has the menu. It wasn't the best place to eat, but it was good!

My wife and I hadn't been there in well over 6 or 7 years and decided it was a good time to check out that new menu and see if things were better or worse. For us and the dishes we ordered - definitely for the worse! After ordering some cold adult beverages, we settled on the special for Friday nights - Prime Rib as well as their Drunk n' Dirty sirloin. Each came with our selection of 2 sides.

While I would have rather had a plate full of s'mores to enjoy straight off a nice warm bonfire in the backyard, we tried our best to "enjoy" our meal. I went for the prime rib and what came out didn't look anything like the prime ribs I've had throughout the Twin Cities. Basically, it looked like a piece of barely cooked piece of meat with lame attempt at seasoning. I decided to cut everything into manageable pieces and throw in my bowl of au jus which helped a little. My sides were a loaded baked potato and their fiesta corn. My baked potato was a baked potato and the rice was quickly pushed aside. I felt like I was eating feed corn with some kind of poorly created spices added to it. 

As for that Drunk n' Dirty my wife decided to order - Remove. From. The. Menu! That was easily the worst steak I've ever tried to consume and I can make better steaks at home! It was prepared with a whiskey-marinade of some kind, but should never be served. I've played around with dozens upon dozens of marinades at home including whiskey and a 1000% times better than this attempt. As for her sides, my wife went with some garlic mashed (can't mess those up) and green beans (also something that you can't really mess up). She didn't eat much...

Everyone has different taste buds though, but would we go back? probably not! Unless of course they had another complete overhaul of their menu because I can't imagine it gets much better... Ok, maybe if they just added s'mores to the menu??? Yeah, still probably not, they would be overpriced! Just glad there was a Cupcake near by

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