October 20, 2016

A Wild Boar Is Born

If you get your motor runnin’ and head out onto highway 694, looking for that adventure and whatever might come your way – well, that sounds like some fun. While you’re on your adventure and listening to some Steppenwolf tunes cruising down 694 through Oakdale, stop for some lunch or dinner at the Wild Boar.

Wild Boar is one of the newest editions to the Twin Cities culinary scene with the location I visited in Oakdale as well as a spot in Hopkins. This particular Wild Boar took over the space that was once occupied by the not so great Demori’s Pizza at the intersections of 694/10th Street and Helena Ave. So why stop? Delicious BBQ sandwiches, excellent boneless wings and sauces, cold beverages (always a plus) and friendly staff.

A friend of mine actually invited me to check this place out after becoming an employee of theirs. I couldn’t say no and lunch was on the calendar! I started looking over the menu and asking both my friend and our server what I should be checking out for my first visit. The recommendation from our server – “The Spicy Sow is must get!” The recommendation form my friend – “We’re getting the boneless wings, there not like other places!” Done deal!

So, we both ordered a Spicy Sow which is served with house pulled pork, thinly sliced and roasted jalapeƱos, topped with spicy orange marmalade and served on a toasted onion bun. The pork was tender, moist and full of flavor, but the best part to me was the edition of the marmalade. I’m all about being different and unique, separating yourself from the competition and that’s what the marmalade does. Take it away and you have another pulled pork sandwich, but I know they have no plans to do that! Your sandwich also comes with a side of slaw and fries or waffle fries.

Those who know me best, know I never order boneless wings, but if they’re recommended, I of course have to check them out. Thankfully, my friend was correct – they were nothing like everyone else. Everyone else has small, battered “chicken” that is always over cooked and unpleasant to eat. The Wild Boars’ boneless wings were giant pieces of chicken, with a light batter and very tasty. The sauces that he got for the side were a honey chipotle and mango habanero sauce (not as hot as you might think).  Both were very delicious!

I definitely have plans to go back to check out their traditional wings and of course extra crispy as I normally do to put them up against the competition. I also want to see how their burgers compare against my favorites as well. There is definitely something for everyone at the Wild Boar and different than what’s around.

Wild Boar Bar & Grill
Oakdale and Hopkins

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