September 5, 2016

Remember The Name - Lakeville Brewery!

It's ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name! Ok, so I'm thinking that's not the actual percentages in making a successful business and I would think pleasure in your business would be much higher as well. But hey, what do I and Mike Shinoda (Fort Minor and Linkin Park) know about running a successful business anyways?

Well it doesn't matter because the owners at Lakeville Brewing Co. know exactly how to run a successful business and serving up some awesome brews and food, and they haven't been open very long. They have the perfect spot in downtown Lakeville where they're making their own story, making sure the kitchen and brewery stays up, which means when they put it down the towns' eatin' and drinkin' it up.

My wife and I stopped in briefly on a Friday night to pick up a donation from Lakeville Brewing for our Law Enforcement fundraiser we're hosting for Backing the Blue Line: Police Wives of Minnesota. While we were there, we decided to chat with one of the owners, Megan and have a quick flight of the new brews in town. There is nothing on their beer list not worth trying and their IPA is easily the best IPA in the entire Twin Cities area. So good!

Well, during our conversation with Megan and noticing all the food coming out around us, it was clear, by my drooling, that we had to come back and come back quickly. So quickly, that we were back 2 days later!

The menu has so many delicious things on it, but my wife and I settled on a couple of things that we chatted about just a couple days earlier with Megan. That was their House Burger and Tacos. Megan told us their fish tacos were insane, but I wanted to try all of their tacos and our server was kind enough to satisfy my taste buds and let me try one of each. Here's our thoughts on our cuisine.

The House Burger, topped with American, lettuce, tomato, greens, house made dill pickles and LBC sauce. A perfectly cooked, medium burger that was all-in-all a delicious burger. While my selfishness would like a bit more seasoning, there is nothing negative to say about their House Burger. You should definitely check this bad boy out and devour it like we did. Get the sweet tater tots to make your meal even better.
As for those tacos, if they were an authentic Mexican street style taco, these would have been near the top on our top ten taco list. As I stated, our server was kind enough to get me a taste of all 3 of their tacos - Fish, Steak and Pork. Lets break each of them down...
  • The Fish - fresh grilled flour tortillas with crispy cod fingers, fresh cilantro slaw, sweet chili sauce and queso fresco. Megan was right to brag about their fish tacos because the one I had wasn't enough.

  • The Steak - fresh grilled flour tortillas with blackened steak tips, fresh pico de gallo, queso fresco, crema and avocado. Perfectly seasoned, very tender steak and awesome!
  • The Pork - fresh grilled flour tortillas with crispy fried pulled pork, fresh cilantro slaw and sweet chili sauce. Some of the best pork found in a taco that I've had the opportunity to try and they're not found at a Mexican restaurant. They're found at a brewery! 
We ordered the fish sticks for our little guy and again, no one was disappointed, including our little guy. The tarter sauce that comes with is house made and absolutely delicious. So good, that I pushed the ketchup aside and used the tarter for my dipping sauce instead. Sadly for Mexican restaurants around town, this amazing brewery also serves better tortilla chips as well! Yummy! 
Lakeville Brewing is has become a definite go-to place for our family to go and enjoy some amazing brews and some outstanding food. I'm look forward to Friday fish fries in the Spring time and watching this place continue to be successful and grow. 
8790 Upper 208th Street West
Lakeville, MN

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