February 24, 2016

Happy Trails

With very little to enjoy in my little town of Rosemount, my wife and I, and most of my neighbors, venture out to find tasty food that is enjoyable and worth eating. The newest edition is a quick drive north on a trail to a happy place, the type of happy place Roy Rodgers himself might be signing about? Maybe? Probably not, but if he was alive he would enjoy the burgers coming from this place!

The trail is Robert Trail and the new establishment is Trail Stop Tavern. And yes, as I just alluded to, is serving some very delicious burgers, burgers the previous occupants couldn't deliver, that's for sure. After a co-worker told me I needed to check this place out, I took a look at the menu to see what types of food they would be serving. Burgers and Juicy's caught my eye and on Wednesday nights, you can make your own burger for seven bucks (up to two toppings and choice of tater).

I went for a spicy little number - jalapenos and cheddar cheese; served medium with a side of fries. I'll be honest, I was expecting to receive a traditional crappy fry from a giant frozen brown bag like you'll find at most places comparable to the Trail Stop. Instead, out came a fry that could potentially compete with the State Fair French Fry. Always a positive to receive quality fries with your meal, but this is about burgers! 

My creation could easily take down the competition within the Eagan, IGH, Rosemount, Apple Valley area and I think I've finally found a burger joint I can travel 5 minutes to instead of the longer commutes we typically have to, to enjoy some of our favorites. My wife on the other hand decided to go for a traditional California setup and she too enjoyed her burger. Her side was tots and lets face it, tots are tots unless you make them homemade like Lucky's 13. 

Will I be going back to try their juicy's? Of course! I gotta see if they can out perform the competition in the juicy department as well. As for other dishes I'm interested in checking out; I wouldn't mind taking a stab at their wings - I was told all their sauces are homemade instead of just sing something from a bottle. Also, I think they should remove the steak sandwich and take a stab at Philly's. I haven't had the sandwich, I just think they have the potential (with their kitchen staff) to nail it!

I suppose you would like to know how they did against the competition? Check out I'm A Meateater (Best T.C. Burgers) to find out how the Trail Stop did! 

So, until we meet again Trail Stop - Happy trails to you, I'll keep smilin' until then! Happy trails to the rest of you, maybe you'll run into your favorite foodie and we can chat about our love for foods. Check out the Trail Stop Tavern, I don;t think you'll be disappointed. 

525 Diffley Road
Eagan, MN 55123

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