January 22, 2016

Burger Burger State of Mind

I'm definitely out of the Brooklyn and now I'm down in Rosemount. Right next to some good neighbors where we can be Greystone hood forever. Ha! Jay-Z's got nothing on my mad skills! But in all seriousness, while he's being pulled back to his McDonald's and attempting pastry's with the Simmons', I'ma' be up in Bloooomington, checkin' out a new burger joint.

That new place, which has only been open for a month, is Burger Burger. Located on the newly designed 3rd floor - south food district at the Mall of America and priding themselves in fresh ingredients in order to make only quality burgers. How fresh? Check out their beef processing room while you wait in line to order! Quality indeed and after only a short month of being open, we've managed to stop here 3 times already. Why? It's good, food courts are gross and no other restaurant is worth eating at. Especially if you want a burger!

Some unique burger options to choose from, a classic option, as well as a chicken, turkey and bison burger. First trip, I was checking out a burger made with a combination of chorizo and ground beef with some yummy spice, aioli and spicy cheese (appears to have been removed according to their website menu). If it is indeed gone, I wouldn't be devastated as it was ok, but not a top pick for me.

The next trip, I was checking out the B.A.M.F. burger, which stands for - Big And Meaty Fun! All beef patty, sharp cheddar, all the fixins' along with mayo crispy french fry ends and bacon. Everything you need in a burger to make it delicious including your fries. B.A.M.F!

The most recent stop to Burger Burger, I was checking out the Mac Daddy after it was suggested I do so by one of the servers during a previous visit. Beef patty with white American cheese, pepper jack mac n' cheese bites, lettuce, onion and house bbq sauce. Again, another tasty treat for my tummy to enjoy! My wife, for each visit, went with their Gobble Gobble. a fresh ground turkey burger that was one of the better turkey burgers in the Twin Cities. According to their website, this too has been removed and if so, you've just lost one of your favorite customers.

There is no other burger worth eating while at the mall and I hope the website is just behind on being updated, but if it is indeed up-to-date, they've made a terrible decision. I did some research about the ownership and Burger Burger is owned by the same group who owns places like Crave, Union Roof Top, Zio and other mediocre restaurants. So if it's true, I wouldn't be surprised by the poor decision to remove the turkey burger. Let's hope I'm wrong!

All in all, this is a good addition to the food scene at the mall with so many choices, but not enough quality. There's only a very small handful of restaurants worth eating at while shopping or playing and as long as the turkey burger is still available, Burger Burger is one of them. What are the others? Both hotel restaurants - That's it! Oh, and maybe Hooters, you can't go wrong with a good wing and some cold brews... Jay-Z even likes Hooters, he sings about having the bust out! ;) The staff are also very friendly and helpful which is a plus for any restaurant.

Burger Burger
3rd Floor - South End Food District
Mall of America

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