April 3, 2015

The Best Is Yet To Come!

The smooth sounds of ol' Frankie in the background has me thinking about my recent visit to a place advertising the following. "Best Burgers Around" and "World Famous Burgers". Well, of course that is going to get my attention and yes, yes I did pay this restaurant a visit. Settled just off the highway in the little town of Coates is the House of Coates, the restaurant bold enough to advertise such phrases.

I will start by saying, the burgers being served are certainly worth eating and I would consider stopping back for another, however, if you're going to be bold, you better be able to bring it! In fact, I would ask the owners to take part in the 2015 Burger Challenge taking place in the North Loop this summer and see how they do against the competition and the champs, my pals at B52 Burgers and Brew.

I ordered two Swanne Burgers, their signature burger and of course ordered them pink. I added my condiments as I usually would, cut the bad bad boy in half and there it was... No pink! While still juicy, no pink! There was no waiting for my lips and this burger to meet and thankfully, it was still a pleasant burger to consume. But... To call it the "Best Burger Around" or "World Famous", that's a stretch.

As Frankie so graciously puts it, "you ain't seen nothing yet" until you've tried the other places "around" that serve better which include; King's Place (downright amazing), B52 Burgers and Brew, Jersey's Bar & Grill or my very own creations at home. If "around" is speaking to just Coates, sure! It's the only place in Coates that serves food! AND, if someone orders a pink burger, they want it to be pink, not well done.

The best is yet to come and babe, won't it be fine? Yes Frankie, it sure will!

House of Coates
Highway 52
Coats, MN

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