May 30, 2014

Meat Runs Dry

If you would have been with me during this next Gnaw adventure, you may have actually been able to see the tears in my eye. I would have even tried to hide the pain that was lying deep in my heart and it’s definitely not a pain I can’t hide. I was torn apart and all I wanted was some delicious smoked and juicy meat.

You would have thought I was checking out the newest place with the East Coast Family, that’s right Boys 2 Men, but I couldn’t resist the classic Water Runs Dry for this place. What place might that be? A place called Baldy’s BBQ. I was hearing great things about this place and when I arrived home from work one day, my wife had asked if I was in the mood for some BBQ and I thought of the perfect place to check out. After having all kinds of high hopes, we were nothing but, disappointed! Before I go any further, I will say one thing… It was edible and the pulled pork wasn’t too bad. With that said, the meat at Baldy’s was as dry as the dessert. 

After looking over the menu and determining what we were going to order, my wife had just one quick question for our server. “Can you tell me what the potato salad is made with, is it made with eggs?” With a slight hesitation, the server replied with, “I don’t know how it’s made, we just buy it!” WHAT!? Here’s a better response young man, “mam, I’m not positive how it’s prepared, but I can check for you.” So far so good, right? 

We wanted to try as much smoked meat as we could and decided to go with The Right Combination, a half slab of Baldy's Ribs and your choice of one smoked meat - pork, chicken, brisket, turkey, Baldy's sausage and choice of 2 sides, cornbread and a pickle spear. We went with the pulled pork and our sides were cheesy corn bake and coleslaw. The other meal that we went with was the Brisket Platter, 8 ounces of brisket layered on top of Texas Toast, with 2 sides, corn bread and a pickle spear. The sides we went with were the cheesy corn bake (it sounded good enough to get another order) and the baked beans. 

At this point, I would be describing how I was drooling over the smells and the flavors were to die for, but like I mentioned before, everything was Mojave dry! I will save you a trip and help you with other places to go to for better food including some cheesy corn bake if my mom is willing to make a giant batch for all my readers. For some delicious meats, check out one of these fine establishments; Rack Shack, Lone Oak Grill, Roosters and even Dicky's BBQ Pit. Like my mother and her cheesy corn bake, my uncle whips up some amazing food and his tiny little smoker he just picked up is whipping out some of the best food I have ever had. My wife even said she liked my ribs better! 

Some restaurants will work things out, but some just don’t know how to change. A simple Google search will describe this place as "Premier BBQ House", not EVEN close! You might be making the biggest mistake of your life, so don’t do it baby. Or shall I say, don’t eat it baby! :)

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