November 19, 2013

Sitting At A Red Cow

Go ahead and sing a song while you’re sitting at the Red Cow, or even think of home while you’re sitting at the Red Cow. What’s a Red Cow? Why would I want to sing or think of home? Red Cow is a classy new gourmet burger restaurant serving some of the finest burgers in town along with a plethora of craft brews and wine on tap. The other answer is, why not? Especially when Johnny Lang is in your head!

Located near 50th and France, the Red Cow is taking burgers to a whole new level and by their own words, “Providing a sophisticated twist on the classic neighborhood tavern…” I would say they’re certainly doing an excellent job doing so and this was just mine and my wife’s first visit. After taking a look at their menu, it was apparent that we would most definitely be returning to try some more of their fine cuisine since we couldn't try all of them during our first experience. 

We started our evening with a couple adult beverages from over 30 craft brews on tap as well as over 30 wines on tap. That's right, I said wine on tap. We were also greeted with bacon caramel corn puffs while we waited to be seated which were pretty darn good. Upon being seated, we ordered an app that caught my eye, their Truffle-Parmesan Hand-Cut Fries - mmmm-mmmm were they delicious! Truffle on anything makes that particular food even better!

Moving on to our mains, my wife decided to go with their Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwich. The name says it all, but it goes like this – root beer braised pulled pork, coleslaw & BBQ sauce on a Baker’s Wife bun. WOW! Probably one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had and full of excellent flavor. This is also the first time we’ve ever had a pulled pork sandwich that was cooked with root beer and would recommend trying this one. 

Again, after looking over the menu and wanting to try everything I was reading, I finally decided on a burger they called the Royale - Certified Angus burger, pork belly, brie, arugula and tomato jam. I saw pork belly and it was a must try and I sure am glad I did, this one’s a keeper and a must try. Could there really be that many dishes worth trying? Check it out – Lamb Burger w/ mint jelly and jalapeno cream cheese - Really!, how about an Elk Burger w/ brie in a puff pastry and beer mustard dipping sauce - Yep!, maybe the Duck Wild Rice w/ goat cheese, triple berry ketchup and mixed greens will be your selection - Looking forward to it! Sound delicious to you? It doesn’t stop there though; they have plenty of sandwiches and other dishes my wife and I want to try and we’re looking forward to returning. 

The creative minds at the Red Cow are definitely not giving up and wanting to break the mold of traditional burgers and sandwiches. Another positive for the Red Cow is serving several dishes that are gluten free so those with the food allergy can enjoy the same things the rest of us get to. There’s just one question to answer now - when are you planning your trip to the Red Cow? We’ll be going back in the coming couple of weeks thanks to joining their E-Club and receiving $10 towards our next meal just for signing up. Enjoy!

3624 W. 50th St. 
Minneapolis, MN 55410 

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